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Errr.... Who? Dad in 'Little House on the Prairie'

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Why didn't he go away a come back as a doctor, instead he died off the show. Of course caroline and the other kids just disappeared. left huge holes in everything, know it didn't fly after that.
Edwina Rowan
I think your the only idiot to say such a thing! Who do you think you are! This is for his fans who adore him!
antes la familia ingalle orta vez ahora nuevo ... antes matthew laborteaux tenia 12 años ahora ???? 2012años gracias...
I wondered why in the episode where he overcomes the morphine addiction...Laura ends the show saying that Albert came back to Walnut Grove as Dr. Albert Ingalls..but yet in another episode (when he climbs the mountain with the school group..."Yesterday"...he dies of leukemia before he enters college in Minnesota (4yr scholarship). Wondering if anyone else caught this?
I like "little house on the prairie" so i wrote to matt laborteaux on september 2011 to have a dédicaced photo but no answer on june 2012 . Someone could tell me if he answer to his letters?
I think that Matthew Laborteaux is lovely. I never heard of him until I started to collect the dvd's of the films. I am wondering if he is still acting.
I cant believe I just sat here and read through all of these posts. I didnt realize how bored I actually was. Most of the people who added a post were, well, to put it plainly, are a bunch of idiots. The only thing good about any of these posts were the fact that it made me realize just how dumb some poeple really are. Smh....
Gina H.
Hi, I'm sorry, I really do not have any current info on Matthew Labyorteaux. I just had to say... Matthew is just so cool. Really. The most coolest guy ever. and Matthew Laborteaux if you ever read this and want to make a new friend, if you are just like what the hell why not? please email me ifwinter_ends@yahoo.com it would be the best thing ever.
Has anyone seen or heard about him recently? There are no dates on these posts so I'm not sure how recent this is. Thanks! 5/14/12
Julie M.
I wonder if I am the only one who thought Albert on Little house on the prairie resemble JFK Jr., wjen JFK Jr. Was about 10 years old. Does anyone else see it?
Catherine Reynolds
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