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What Happened To Matthew Laborteaux?

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Errr.... Who? Dad in 'Little House on the Prairie'

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According to wikipedia (is it credible?) : He was diagnosed as being autistic, and experts told his parents that Labyorteaux might never lead a normal life." An article in People magazine from 1978 said he was thought to be fully autistic for the first five years of his life.

Labyorteaux is a skilled video game player. In October 1981 he finished in tenth place for Centipede at the Atari, Inc. world championships. In April 1982, he became the United States Pac-Man champion at a People-sponsored tournament, with a score of 1,200,000.

In 1992, Matthew and Patrick (his brother, both were adopted) founded the Youth Rescue Fund (currently partnered with Los Angeles Youth Supportive Services), a charity organization that assists young people in crisis, and they have since engaged in fundraising for youth shelters across the U.S. This organization no longer operates.
I grew up watching Little House & yeah, I thought Matt was rather cute(I mean, I'm about his age & I thought the guy who played Almanzo was rather "Old"-lol) My brother also was a child actor who great at video games so I think they would've gotten along (He's now into restoring old VW buses in his spare time) Anyway, Matt was a fine actor & I'm glad to see he's doing well :-)
I worked with your mother, Frankie, at California Bank in the early 50's.If you can give me any info about her I would appreciate it. Email ..... tillparker@aol.com
Stella Parker
Albert Ingalls Cool !!!!!!😃😄😉
I often watch repeats of Little House on the Prairie and think, what a wonderful and truly bunch of talented actors and actresses they all were and are.
How did he overcome autism? That's a story that needs to be told, to the World. He probably doesn't know, but his parents do.
The info I have is to tell you all to get a life. He certainly has one and it will never include dreaming whackos. He is not a sodomite homosexual and would like to be left alone. Trust me I know.
Non Sodomite Dude
Yes, I'm not the only chick that is in love with Matthew, but I am afraid to meet him in real life. I read so much gossip online about Matt, like he is very ignorant, mean & could care less about his fans. That for one explains a lot why no fan will ever get an autograph from him. And what scares me the most is the talk that Matthew having a criminal record in California & that he orders prescription medications a lot, by deliberately misspelling his last name. Matthew's birth name is Labyorteaux. I'm in love with him :-(
What happened to Matthew Labyorteaux? Well, he became one of the sexiest men alive .. and is still waiting for us to meet and fall in love of course! I remember writing letters to Matthew during his run on "Little House", not being able to resist a compliment or two on his good looks! We were born the same month and year -only days apart. I do have to admit I get a little excited and somewhat happy inside just thinking that Matthew could be gay, as I am a gay man myself, who has admired him since his days as a child actor. Even more thrilling is the thought that he could one day see this!.... Hey Matthew- Will forever love u man!!
I'm 15 years old and have a brother with the same form of autism. I'm from Belgium. My mother has see little house on the prairie when she was little.
I have see LHOP a week ago.
I want to know how he has overcome his autism, because my brother has a severe form.
He don't like to talk with sombody.
I want he overcome his autism.

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