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Errr.... Who? Lead singer of 'Kajagoogoo'

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I'm his fan. I bought him. I love him. I want to meet him. Get to know him. He's in London England. I'm in Chicago. I want to see him.
Doris Pizarro
part of the 'here and now tour' which will be winding its way up and down the country. he will be appearing with belinda carslile bucks fizz and midge ure amongst others! he is back!
wanna know more about Limahl... go to KAJAMANIA (all about KajaGooGoo & Limahl): http://kajagoogoomania.proboards33.com
Slim K
Kajagoogoo were one of the bands chosen to be forcibly reformed by VH1 and do a one of gig in London for a small select crowd. All of the band were up for it, but didn't think Limahl would do it. The band sacked Limahl in the 80's, because their manager thought they were not being taken seriously enough and Limahl's 'pretty boy' look was to blame.

Limahl agreed none the less and the band got on like they never split. Limahl had been enjoying doing the club and holiday camp circuit, but the band now have plans to reform and go on tour! YAY!

Check out Limahl.com!
All videos of the german show!!! www.prosieben.de/music/comeback/
Limahl starts a comeback! He will appear in a German TV show called "Comeback - die letzte Chance" (Comeback - the last chance). Who can watch German TV watch PRO7. The show starts on Februar 9 2004 / weekly. The Show is like "Superstars" or "Pop - Idol"... *no commend*
"After he left Kajagoogoo, he had 2 further top 20 singles, including the theame tune from the movie "The Never Ending Story". Albums after 1985 weren't as big sellers as his early stuff, but he continues to tour clubs to the present and plays to resonable audiences, although he no longer has the haircut but wears a wig that resembles it on stage."
"Was supposed to be at our Uni freshers week, but never showed up!"
"Appears sporadically at Chicago Rock in St Helens"
"Still gigging successfully at clubs and festivals in the UK and Europe, Starred in the successful musical "What a Feeling" which toured the country last year. Has just released single in Germany."
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