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What 3t used to look like

Errr.... Who? Michael Jackson's nephew boy-band

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How 3t looks now
Sorry ladies, but it looks like Tj's wife is expecting another baby. The proof is IG. Tj posted a pic of a onsie and his step daughter posted a pic of a very pregnant Frances. So any rumors of a split are false.
Are there any active 3T boards? I notice there used to be one on Lipstick Alley, but it's closed. Where are all the fans hanging out these days?
Ladies, I know we may all have our opinions about their relationships, but they obviously aren't leaving their spouses anytime soon. And if they are only time will tell. The truth always comes out in the end. Just hoping that they give their American fans the same respect and attention this time around as they give their European fans. We'll see what 2015 will bring.
1: 3T are preparing for a 2015 tour(not just Europe this time) and are currently working on completing their album.

2: Taj is also working hard on his CodeZ movie.

3: The gossip posted here and other places online was by a few rotten apples among the same travelling group of Dutch girls mentioned here before, pay no attention to it.

Anyone noticed that tj is not wearing his ring in any of the pictures taken during the big reunion tour? Strange because now that he is back home he wears it again like he never took it off! Almost makes you think his wife is fine with him going through life appearing to be single if he is not back home.

And who else noticed taryll only kept talking about missing his two sons? At least tj said he missed his family but taryll acts like breana is not part of his family anymore and she is just there to take care of the kids. Even when he was back home he only talked about how happy he was to see his sons again. Could be because he is just trying to protect her but it certainly does not appear that way and she is not one to shy away from the attention she is getting for being the mother of his kids herself so that makes no sense either.

Anyone knows what is going on with taj lately? Looks like now that his brothers are rather active on twitter he does not feel the need to tweet regularly anymore.
And now they are going to the UK for the Big Reunion Boyband Tour!!!! So exciting!!!!

The tour will kick off THIS FRIDAY! How cool is that?
So nice to see 3T out and about, promoting their music and meeting all of the fans and the fans seem so happy to meet them. The guys seem so happy to meet to meet the fan. I think it's so cool.
She says bad things about Taryll? She does seem a little "off"... but I must have missed the times she's gone off on him. Not that it's any of my business... I really hope they are happy.... just doesn't seem like it from the outside.
Yeah does anyone know what's up with tj wearing his ring, not wearing it, than wearing it again? Maybe they only wear their rings when they want to? It's all a little strange to me. People already know he's married so that can't be the reason he takes it off sometimes.
Looks like breana is not very popular on here. I understand where you are coming from though. Why is it that she plays nice one minute and the next she is all bitchy? That just makes her look so fake.

Makes you question taryll's taste in women now because he could do a lot better and did in the past. Kourtney i'm sure was a diva but at least she seems fun. That nikki girl he dated who now has a child with babyface seems sweet. How do you go from that to ending up with someone like breana?

I guess his kids really are his world. She is lucky he wanted kids and i'm sure he is thankful for them. I doubt they would still be together now if she didn't got pregnant early on in their relationship.
Love 3t
Tj's wife is older than him, but she didn't age well. And has anyone else noticed TJ doesn't always wear his ring? Taryll's partner Breana confuses me. One minute she's all lovey dovey and I love God, then the next she's bitching about Taryll on twitter and ready to curse someone out. Taj has the most stable and loving relationship. He did it right by not rushing into marriage
Nice to see them back in the spotlight!

TJ still looks fly! The other two look a lot more mature than they used to. In some photos they look good but in others not so much..

Who knew Taj would end up with the most beautiful wife out of them! TJ's wife doesn't look too bad but how old is she? Is she older than him? Taryll not married. Didn't see that one coming either! Is it me or does his girlfriend look a little cross eyed in some photos? Weird watching him say he doesn't want to get married. That wasn't how he thought about marriage back in the day. I guess people change, or she made him reconsider.

I hope they'll make a succesful comeback. They will always remain my first loves!
At least it shows they really respect these girls. Not that the guys are ever rude to anyone, but becoming friends with the artists you like must be amazing and not every artist is open to it either.

There are also enough stories going around about other wannabees who do the craziest things to get close to them.

I remember this girl back on myspace, i believe she was German or something, who was a huge 3t fan and desperately wanted to meet them. Out of the blue she started dating someone from Tito's band, i think it was the drummer. Older guy, terrible looks. Obviously she tried to appear very in love with him and was putting pictures of them together up on her myspace.

Her goal was not reached yet though. She started travelling to LA to spend time with "him" there. She knew the guy was close to Tito so of course that meant his sons were a few steps closer as well.

Of course she eventually got what she wanted. A picture of her and 3t in their baseball attire showed up online. Probably went to one of their games or saw them afterwards.

Can't be a coincidence that happened to be the last or at least very close to the last time she went to see the guy. Needless to say she didn't need him anymore. He had fulfilled his purpose. People like that really gross me out.
Breana is a true Taurus. Taurus like to flaunt what they have. When Breana post on her Twitter page about Taryll and her two sons, she is not doing so as a loving mother. She is doing so to make a point that she is with Taryll and has 2 babies with him. She is insecure no doubt. Francis and Thayana are natural with their relationships. They are not insecure. That's why you never see them post things about their relationship that obviouse to the observer. I do believe that Taryll is only with Breana because of those 2 boys. Other than that he would have been out of there a long time ago. If they ever break up, she will end up with custody of those boys. Most courts side with the mother always. Yep Breana got her meal ticket locked in.
I have a good idea who you're talking about. They're Dutch. Started out as mj/janet/3t fans but over the years some of them got more friendly with the guys and I guess they see each other more as friends now. The group consists of a few, very different, girls and everyone who sees them interact with the guys can tell they have at least some type of chemistry, they get along and always seem to be joking around with each other. That's pretty much it. They all seem to live their own lives once they're back home and respect each other so I don't think it goes any further than that.

I've witnessed them interact together with the guys on a few different occassions and they just seem to have fun. When they were in the UK for the big reunion concert you could clearly see that because they were all in the lobby talking and joking. I was there too and chose a seat close so I could see and hear them because I was too shy to approach them. Of course some of them might be attracted to each other but that happens. As long as it's just looking and not touching I don't see why there is so much fuss about it.

Tj always seems flirty with them but that's just how he is. You can tell he has his favorites but is flirty with others as well. Taryll is not that obvious but he jokes and stares. You can tell he's into one of them but she seems pretty unfazed and usually seems to be talking to one of his brothers. Taj doesn't appear to be flirty at all but you can tell he too has his favorites. I don't think there's much going on but the girls seem to have earned their trust so kudos to them.
Sounds mysterious but we want to hear names!

I've heard many stories over the years and i assume at least some of them are true. Like others said before some stories keep returning and i think that where there's smoke there's fire.

When the guys were promoting Identity back in the day I remember there were a few French girls who used to join us on the forums and chatrooms who kept us up to date about the latest gossip. Most promotion took place in France and they always had accurate information so I have little doubt their stories were not truthful.

I remember one of them speaking about hiding in a car in a parking lot after a show and overhearing the guys talk as they walked to and waited for their car there. They didn't know someone was listening in and they were talking about a few girls they just saw and one of them in particular who they thought was so beautiful and seem to really got a thing for. I believe it was tj or taryll speaking I can't really remember the exact details. I believe the girls they were talking about were visiting France for that show but I think they were from Belgium or Holland.

You might wonder why i'm bringing this up now but rumor has it the girls slash girl they were speaking about then are the same ones the guys are still close to now.

Makes you wonder about things if you ask me! If they still click together now after all these years and the interest is mutual I wonder how far they are taking this fondness of each other.
There is definitely a few girls/fans (maybe 2 or 3) they like, I am not sure if they are all Dutch but I think they are. It's kinda obvious when you watch them interact. One of them wasn't there at the last meeting they had w/ fans but she was there in November and in February for the meetups. Who cares anyway, it's probably just flirting. I doubt any of the T's would be unfaithful really.
They're guys... I'm sure they have their weaknesses too. Flirting is part of what comes with their job. Fans have to love them. They meet so many new people I guess they will sometimes meet someone they're genuinely interested in. They don't appear to be guys who would just sleep around but when they meet someone they truly like they may be tempted. I have no idea how far they would actually take it but it won't surprise me if they gave into temptation sometimes.

I'm from Germany so I live in Europe. I have heard some of these stories before aswell but who are the persons who knows more? I don't think anyone I talk to knows. I know there are pictures of tj in europe when it was not related to work for 3t but it can be just a holiday maybe? About taryll I think I know what you are talking about. One of my friends just went to see them on their last visit and goes allot of times before. She says the same thing. We don't know what girl exactly we are doubting between two or three of them.
Love 3t
There is indeed more than enough information about their private lives out online, you just need to know where to look for it. I've heard some stories about tj and taryll flirting and dating with some other girls but because most of it supposedly happens in europe so it's hard to track what's true and what's not. I've heard stories about tj being in france for a while with his best friend and dating a girl there. I also heard stories before about taryll being extremely friendly with a certain group of girls because he is a little too interested in one of them. I don't think everything is made up because these stories keep coming back to the grapevine but we can't verify them and the people in europe who can normally don't speak up about it.
I'm reading where someone assumes that Breana didn't want to get married and that's the reason why Taryll and herself aren't married. That couldn't be further from the truth. It's taryll that don't want to get married. On Breana's pinterest account she has wedding dresses, engagement rings, seating arrangements anything and everything that clearly implies she would love to marry Taryll. Taryll openly expressing his feelings against marriage on tv, had to make Breana feel a certain way. Hope he changes his mind.
anonymous 1
Hanna there is a lot of info about 3T's personal life but when it gets posted then all the damn 3T know it all's call you a liar.

I don't want to pat myself on the back, but I was the first to expose Breana to the 3T world. I was the one who told a lot of fans where to go a see pictures of Taryll and his new girlfriend. The now famous picture of Breana all hugged up against Taryll with only the back of his head showing, I told fans where to go and find it. Boy was I call a big fat liar. "No that's not Taryll". "No he doesn't have a girlfriend.

I am the one who told the fans that Breana was pregnant with Taryll's baby. "No Taryll is not having a baby with Breana, they are JUST DATING".

What about all the lies some people were accused of when it came to TJ and his son Royal. So many fans were in denial. "TJ doesn't have a son."

Now Taj and TJ will talk about there personal lives. Taryll doesn't talk about his personal life but Breana sure in the hell does. If you want to know anything just go to her Twitter page. LOL!
Glad i found this site! Finally a place were everything is discussed out in the open without it being censored somehow. Now gimme that good gossip! Are these three really that loyal and faithful as they try to appear? Anything known about affairs, secret lovers, interest in other females besides their partners?
My guess is they just don't know how to approch the American fans anymore. They are clearly focused on the European market and i do believe they appreciate their American fans but also know there is not much they can offer them in the form of tv shows or live shows. It sucks but it would be nice if they at least try to compensate by replying on twitter, facebook that kind of stuff.
I think they realized they haven't been as open to the American fans and are finally reaching out. I have tried to connect with them through twitter and finally got a response. Maybe with the noise of American fans saying we want to be acknowledged will help them to do smaller shows in the states.
3t fanatic
I guess some of you are right about 3T not being popular in America and that is the reason they don't acknowlege the American fans. It still is not an excuse. It's down right disrespectful.

Here is an example, apparently The Big Reunion is shown through out Europe , what 3T could've done was to tell the U.S. Fans how and where the their featured episode of the show. It seems like based on their Tweeter comments the could view the show. IDK as a U.S. Fans I feel disrespected and I'm tired of supporting them and they show no appreciation.
Fans are fans. Unfortunately it doesn't matter where your from negativity happens. But, they could easily get more American fans if they tried to connect. And as far as only liking the song their uncle Michael was in is not true. I remember when vh1 had a few of their videos on loop. Thats how i got to know them. You can't hold what happened in the 90s as how things are now. Its a new day and I see so many younger new fans. If they are about love they should embrace all their fans .
Psychic? Ha. Even Stevie Wonder could see all that!

I agree the braids need to go. If they were dreads, ok, but they're plastic braids. Dude, do your hair! It looked nice on TBR until the last episode.

As for their chances of coming back in the USA, Not likely. America hates MJ so America hates them too. At least that's how it feels to them, so they go where they feel safe, and loved. Plus America has expectations of what Black groups should look and sound like and they don't fit that mold at all, so... I think they sound great as they are and should stick to what they like to perform, but with some updates and a few funky joints as well. Even MJ moved forward with this sound a bit.
Maybe they don't really respond to the US is because they didn't get a lot of fanfare in America because let's be honest in the US the only song people liked was the one they did with their uncle. So in a way I understand why they respond more to the Euro fans. Honestly why should they do the comeback in America when people are just gonna compare them to their uncle and father.

Oh and to the person that said their friend was a "psychic". What the fuck? You asked a psychic about 3t's relationships, that comes off as very obsessive like you HAVE to know to what's going on.
I agree, I feel kind of shut out as an American fan. But people overseas seemed to really embrace them more than over here so I guess that's why they appreciate them more. I feel like they don't want to change their formula because they want to remain as true to themselves as possible, but if they want to have any real success in today' s music business they have to reinvent themselves, it's not the 90's anymore. I feel bad that they feel the need to constantly compare their success to Michaels. Just because you're a Jackson, that doesn't mean you're obligated to be the next Michael, or that you have to stick to the "Jackson sound". I wish they would step out of that box, and just be great on their own merit. They're so talented and handsome, especially TJ, I definitely need a solo project and/or movie role from him somewhere down the line ;)
Tia W
My friend is psychic.

I asked her about Taj, TJ and Taryll's relationships.

She said Taj and TJ are very happy in their relationships but Taryll isn't.

She said Taryll does care about Breana but stays for the kids mainly.

She also said the hold Breana has over Taryll is sexual.

So it seems like Breana has that magic pu**y folks!
I agree that it's sad they don't do much for their US fans although it's a bit understandable. Sure they can always respond to a tweet or leave them more comments but besides that there is not much they can do for their US fans. Without proper promotion a tour or even a single performance is useless. They're not popular enough in the US and the public they want to reach is European because that's where most of the fans are.
I agree with Kay. With that said, 3t gave a weak ass explanation on why they haven't been around. All I heard then do in that TBR interview was complain about how they are treated as Jackson's. That's the problem with them, they believe that just because they are Jackson's then that means they have talent and they should automatically receive the same respect as Michael, Janet and the J5. Everything that comes out of TJ's, Taryll and Taj mouth is how "their uncle did this" or "how their dad did that". Ok you are Jacksons we get it.

3t has talent but not enough to hustle on their own to make it in the business and that's why they have to revert back to doing the tired old boy band crap. After this Big Reunion hoopla, they are going to fade away like they did the last time. They need to evolve into somthing more updated and stop relying on the past. An example is how Taj put those braids back in. That is old.where is the newness? TJ and Taryll look great, Taj look silly as hell with those braids.
The one thing I did notice is 3t rarely responds to their American fans. Which is sad because they should appreciate all of their fans. And the chance of them touring the US is slim to none.
It's fun to gossip and speculate about them but truth remains we don't know much unless they or someone close to them gives out information.

Fans like all of us are just that to them: fans. They appreciate and love all their fans but it's part of their job. You never hear stories about them being rude to fans or people in general because they are very polite but some confuse that with thinking they will take a lot of bullshit from people. They are very private for good reasons.

They always take time out for their fans but after that they go back to their normal lives. As far as I know there are only a handful of fans they are somewhat close and "friend-like" with and most of them are dutch. They have known them for years and I guess they trust them because they have proven themselves to be trustworthy over the years. Friends of mine have tried to ask them about the guys but they never give out any information. They get described as being bitchy but I never got that vibe. My experience is that they are hard to approach but friendly.

I think we would all like to get close to them but it's unlikely most of us ever will. In the meantime we can support them the best way possible and that is not only gossiping about them but also supporting their endavours, watch their tv shows, attend concerts and hopefully soon buy their music!'
I think the brothers were and are all 3 involved in helping out with their cousins. My guess is tj became co-guardian because he was the one with the best credentials when it came to a steady family life. He was already married with kids while his brothers were not.
lol wait......... So I find a site where I can talk about 3t with other people that also like to talk about them, and I get accused of being fraudulent because I share a name with someone already on here? Kim I don't know what ya'll beefing about, nor do I really give a hot sweaty gorillas ass, but please, do me a favor and leave me out of the bullshit. I'm here to talk about 3t, not beef with random ass internet strangers.
Tia W
LMAO!!! I don't know since when i am supposed to be two persons Kim but if it makes you feel better go ahead lol! You are the type of person that follows everything that happens on here religiously but then tries to attack someone whose opinion doesn't suit you. Whatever you think, if it makes you feel better you stick to your opinion and I'll stick to mine. In no way would i have or want the power to have any influence on their relationship. It's fucked up enough already without me having anything to do with it. I'll still be here gossiping and you'll still be on here reading every little thing we have to say.
Grandma Tia and Tia W.(everyone knows you are both the same person) I am not mad. Why should I be? I'm happy for Taryll and Breana. I'm not the one trying to create a love spat between two people that I don't know. All I know is that in the REAL WORLD TARYLL AND BREANA ARE TOGETHER IN A RELATIONSHIP THAT PRODUCED TWO GORGEOUS LITTLE BOYS. Wake up Tia because you don't have a chance in hell with Taryll. Lol!!!!
I just got caught up on their Big Reunion performance on YouTube, and I have to say I think TJ has a really nice voice.

Taryll said on the show that he felt some kind of responsibility to help take care of MJ's children. I'm just wondering if anyone here knows why TJ became co-guardian instead of Taj or Taryll. I mean why not Taj who is supposedly very close to their grandma and has no kids of his own so I assume he'd have more time.
Nice to meet you Tia W!

LMAO! Kim you mad or something?

Don't act like YOU know what's going on. You obviously have no clue. I'm with you on the tj and frances part. I think they will be just fine. Taryll and breana are a mess. Always said they have some time left together but believe me it won't be years anymore. I'm definitely nosey but in no way thinking about getting with any of them romantically lol! You have some growing up to do yourself sweetie especially if i'm already supposed to be a grandmother! My name is not frances lmfao, who is indeed already a grandmother to her first grandchild Liem by her first born Sage. I don't care what you think but you should get your facts straight if you try to virtually attack someone lolz! We gossip on here that's something you already knew before and when you started posting here. Accept it or stay mad.
Touche.... This was the reason why I said TJ didn't really say anything about Frances, because fans get too far in their feelings and get possessive, and I'm sure he doesn't want to put her through that. The reason I said Taryll's relationship gives me weird vibes is because it does, it may not be that way in real life, I don't know these damn people, We're all on the outside looking in, just how it looked to ME. All we can really do is comment on what we Perceive, because once again WE DON'T KNOW THESE DAMN PEOPLE. S/N: Kim i'm going to assume you were talking about the other Tia that was here originally, seeing as though I've never been on myspace. Anywho, I hope their all happy, they seem like lovely men.
Tia W
Some of you 3T fans need to grow the hell up. None of you know a damn thing about Taryll and TJ's lives. Most of you always want to pretend that Taryll and TJ are innocent little boys who have no say so in their relationship. Some of you want to make them out to be the victims of being taken advantage of. Some of you are so hell bent on blaming Breana and Frances for whatever problems you thing you know about their relationship.

Taryll is with Breana RIGHT NOW. TJ is with Frances RIGHT NOW. There is NOTHING that came out of Taryll's mouth or TJ's mouth via Twitter, Facebook or The Big Reunion show that suggested
problems in their relationships. Who in the hell has the time to pick between every other words to automatically decide that Taryll is not happy with Breana or TJ and Frances are having problems?

Grow up people, 3T has full blown families and the only thing they want from you is to enjoy their show business career because you will never get to sleep with them. Or marry them. Or have kids by them. AND THIS IS WHY BREANA AND FRANCES GETS SO MUCH HATE, BECAUSE THEY ARE A CONSTANT REMINDER THAT 3T IS OFF LIMITS ROMANTICALLY THAT IS.
Hey other Tia lol. I didnt notice there was already a Tia until after I posted, I'll add the "W" to mine :) I would have loved for them to show a little more of their personal lives. Once again I understand why they don't, and they absolutely don't have to, but I'm nosy, and would love to see their family dynamics. Maybe a dinner scene with them and their ladies altogether having a conversation, and actually hearing Breanna speak? Then maybe we would get a better understanding of them. Wishful thinking I suppose.
Tia W
So you get weird vibes, but you never know their relationship isn't this loveless relationship that you all deem it to be, your just looking from the outside. Either way, the point I don't understand is some thinking that they know what's best for him and that his girlfriend isn't it. He's not stupid, I don't think he would stay with this chick if he felt she wasn't the one whether or not they had kids together.
Are there two Tia's here now? Hi other Tia lol!

I'm not sure about TJ. I think he probably is happy in his marriage. His wife might have started to feel a little insecure now that her husband is starting to get more and more attention again, and this time not only due to being a guardian to his cousins. Of course she can comment on his instagram, it's her husband after all. I think what people noticed was her timing when she decided to leave a comment. She didn't feel the use to do so before so I get her timing came across as deliberately trying to show her presence. I think they will be fine.

Taryll and Breana's relationship remains a joke. He does seem stuck and mark my words they are never getting married. Like the other Tia said they are incompatible and it all comes across unnatural and forced. I'll believe her look in that episode was supposed to appear as showing interested and listening to him talk but why does she remain quiet while he talks to their friend? She just sits there looking stupid.

It all just gives off such a strange vibe and I don't get how that goes unnoticed by some. How on earth do you get introduced as "after 8 years the girl is not quite his." That's just weird no matter how good you try to make it look.

I'm sure there is love from both sides between them but it's clear to see they don't match. TJ doesn't talk about his wife at all either but the vibe you get is totally different.
I think TJ is happy in his marriage. I feel like he is extremely protective of his personal life (and rightfully so, considering the family he comes from), he probably doesn't want his business all out in the open. Also I think he knows that him being a married man comes as a disappointment for some of his fans that have lusted for him for years, and deliberately tries to keep the two worlds separate, maybe for fear that there may be a backlash against Frances, or to spare his fans feelings. And as far as her commenting on his instagram, I mean that is her husband after all (shrug). I know if TJ was my husband I would definitely make my presence known lol. Taryll and Breanna are the ones that give me the weird vibes, it's like they aren't compatible or something. Breanna seems kinda bitchy and snobby based off her tweets, idk I could be wrong. I kinda feel bad for him, its like he's stuck or something.
What I saw during Taryll's portion of the 3T interview was him ranting about his music career not at Breana. And the way that she was looking at Taryll had absolutely nothing to do with her being annoyed. She was intense at listening to Taryll explain his frustration about the downside of how music industry treats members of The Jackson family.
Because Taryll and Breana are not married now doesn't mean that they won't marry later. There was nothing in that interview with TJ and Taryll that suggested that they were unhappy with Breana and Frances. Taryll really knows that his fans have BIG interest in his relationship with Breana. In my opinion, he was being vague about what his true intention are if or when he marrys Breana. The one thing that he did say is that he was loyal and that says a lot,
I just love to say it again! Told ya so! Taryll is never going to marry breana. He is not against marriage, he is just against marrying her lol...

I'm going with what others said before. He must have his reasons. Either he feels she is not "the one" or his heart belongs to someone else. Of course it's not something you're going to admit like that but i wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that he is in love with someone else.

He is said to write and create songs about what keeps him busy and uses it as a way to express his feelings. Back in the days you could see him putting up songs for breana like so in love and one last time but over time that seems to have changed and different songs appeared.

Someone ever asked themselves what was up with that 2much4me song? Sure he played it off as something he made for fun and i'm sure it was, but who is so sexy to him that she has this guy "hooked living in a fantasy"? Pretty sure he was not talking about breana here...

Or what about that unlove you song? The one where he sings about how he didn't know he was falling in love or else he wouldn't have let her go? Seems pretty deep to me and it's clearly not written about breana either.

Those are just two songs i can think of now but i'm sure there are more. It's just strange no one ever seems to talk or ask about these things. Yes he is a songwriter and not every little detail has to be about himself but it does make you wonder what's going on here..it can't keep being "just" a coincidence that these things are on his mind.
Ok, can I first point out that I know you all are fans and you obviously have been anticipating for their comeback, great. However...I can't help, but notice how some of you seem to be almost extremely focused on the guys relationships. I saw the episode and saw the points you made about tj saying his kids mean everything to him, but you also probably missed the part where when him and his wife were walking he said that he was worried about leaving her and his grandmother alone to handle the kids with him not being there. Then of course there was taryll and his girlfriend. I saw the look she was giving him and yea she did look annoyed or maybe idk. And ok, so he said that marriage for him was complicated or he didn't get it, something like that, but just because of what he said doesn't mean that he didn't wanna marry her because she wasn't "the one". He was probably referring to the general topic or marriage.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who caught that clip about TJ saying his kids mean everything and also how Breana looked like an annoyed, jaded person. The only brother who ever posts pictures of his significant other is Taj. Everyone else who says Taryll and Breana are happily in love are crazy and delusional. "The girl is not quite his" kinda a weird intro and TJ seems "settled" into his role as a family man. Not happy, but "settle"
I don't know what show you saw Kim but obviously not the same one we did. Taryll and Breana don't look happy at all. For me it only confirmed what people on here have been saying for months now. Something is really off between them!

He feels like he is married to her because he is still with her and is still loyal to her? Shouldn't those things come naturally whether or not you're married and not come as a reason why you feel like you're married? Such a weird way of explaining why you don't want to get married. Sounds more like a "I'm still to here so you can all shut up about it now."

I lol-ed so hard at Taryll trying to get his sexy back! He is indeed starting to look better again! Only thing he is forgetting is that his skin is starting to look old. He could use some moisturizer on this face and some different products for his hair and BOOM! Bringing sexy back..
I knew I was right. Taryll loves Breana and they are very much in love. A marriage license is nothing but a piece of paper. Because two people are married doesn't mean that they are happy or in love.
After watching the big reunion and following the guys on twitter & IG its clear that Taj is the only one with a healthy relationship. He's open about his relationship with Thayana and doesn't hide anything. Its clear that Taryll has no interest in marrying Breana and I can see why. She's got b*tech written all over her face and claims.to be real, but contradicts herself all the time. Taryll is trying to get his sexy back by losing som extra lbs and looks great. And TJ only mentions how he adores his children. and it is funny how Frances ddecides to leave lil kissy faces on his IG like she needs to claim him. When she couldn't care less before. I also noticed he used to never respond to females fan& now he's very selected with who he responds to. Probably because ms. Frances has him on a leash. But we'll see what 2014 will bring for these 3. Not everything is as it appears.
I usually lurk here to see what the latest gossip is and i gotta hand it to you ladies. Most of what was said lately seems correct. Watched the big reunion episode and i have to admit i was sceptical at first but there really is something weird going on between taryll and breana.

Even the way they introduced them was strange to say the least. Then the way he was talking about marriage and how it's difficult for him. Never before has he ever said anything like that and it sounded like a lame excuse.

Then you see them at home and she is sat right there on the couch while taryll and his friend talk. She just sits there quiet and irrelevant. Must have been so embarrassing for her!

I think he does care for her in his own way but i don't see a marriage happening between them at all. My guess is also that he knows she is not the one but is afraid to leave her and his family.

Of course now she is saying she thinks about it the same way but we all know that is just to save face. You do see stuff of her online where she checked out wedding dresses and rings and those kind of things so that means she must have thought about it before.
it's Obvious after the tv show taryll will never marry breana . he just said it out loud for everyone to hear and at the look how she side eyed him at the show she knows its over but tries to cling on desperately

frances came over to the UK and you can tell they aren't happily married either .I heard Tj never introduced her and kept her away from the fans . not like taj who has introduced thayana to fans eagerly . TJ did put pictures out there of royal but never of frances . they didn't look too happy together I was told . they were quite distant from eachother . Tj didn't look as happy as he was earlier on in europe without frances there . in the show Tj says something like how his 3 kids mean the world to him , not his wife. the stories about how their relationship wasn't going well in the past seem to be true. never forget they broke up after royal was born for several years .
it looks like they both live their own lifes without much love and affection
3t lover
I don't think taryll is the kind of person who would want many kids by different women. Then again i never expected him to have kids with someone without marrying her. It's their life but he always came across as someone who would do everything for the one he loves and breana clearly does want to get married. That can only mean there is a reason why he doesn't want to marry her. My guess is somewhere deep down inside he knows she's not the one. I do agree this is not only breana's fault. Personally i don't really see her as a good person but i do think she is a good mother to her kids. Maybe men do get away with a lot of things but she also enables him to get away with it. There is nothing wrong with being a fulltime mother but she seems totally dependant on him these days. She used to work for her mother's company and plan events but now that she is home with her kids she still wants all of life's luxuries. Of course that's fine if taryll wants to provide her with these things but it would be wise for her to realize that once they break up she can't be that dependant anymore. All signs show that they're not going to last and as a woman I think she needs to prepare herself for the worst even if it's just partly her own fault. Even without him trying to become famous again and everything that comes with it, it shouldn't have to be a problem if you're happy and secure in your relationship.
Well I hope Taryll doesn't end up like his Uncle Jermaine, popping out babies from all kinds if women like a whore. If he is going to have babies with Breana then he should marry her. If he doesn't then he should leave her and not when it's convenient for him to do so. Breana seems like a good person and a great mother to her kids. Yeah I might sound old fashion, but men get away a lot of the times trying to have their cake and eating it too. 3T is about to jump off again and now it's time for the groupies to appear.
If you're staying for the kids then that's a choice but it definitely doesn't mean he is happy with breana. People make up the craziest stuff about their private lives but we'll wait and see. I think a lot of people will be surprised.
I think all speculations about the guys' private lives are actually wishful thinking.
I'm also a Backstreet Boys fan and I noticed the same type of behaviour in forums dedicated to them.
All of them have significant others and some have children and of course there are people who believe that they are not happy, that they are putting a front for the kids, bla bla bla. And just like for 3t they justify their assumptions by their significant others' Twitter accounts.
Remember a few years ago after Tj got married, some people started all kinds of rumors about Tj's wife cheating on him, using him,etc.
Now that they have been proven wrong and the marriage is lasting it's Taryll that is not happy with his girlfriend. Please...
Nobody can make speculations on Taj because he is open about the fact that he is married and happy.
The thing is those guys have been with the same girls since forever and I don't believe they are unhappy at all.
We should focus on the comeback, new TV show and new album.
Bel Air
Based on Breana's Twitter page to me she and Taryll are very much happy together. She strikes me as the type that Taryll can't boss around. As far as those 2 little boys, if Breana and Taryll split up, Bryce and Adren will probably stay with Breana. She seems like the type who would put up a fight and I don't think Taryll would want to go through that. I believe he loves her very much or he wouldn't be wasting time. I don't think he could stand not having his sons around him. We just don't know because Taryll has never spoken about Breana.
There definitely is a lot of truth to it. It's not like everyone who sees that is just making random assumptions. Even if you don't know that much you can read between the lines. Take a good look at her twitter and you'll know enough. They're hanging in there but that's about it. It's comfortable and i don't believe they can't stand each other but i'm a 100% sure they won't get married in 2014 either.
Sorry people but there is no truth to Breana and Taryll having relationship issues. They are in love with each other. Plus Bryce and Adren really helps solidify their love for each other.

Yes it's true that Breana is the blabber when it comes to sending hints about she and Taryll but you never see Taryll putting a stop to her blabbing. And because Taj and TJ shares information about Thayana and Frances and the kids doesn't mean that Taryll doesn't feel the same about Breana and his realationship with her.

Believe me Taryll and Breana will be married in 2014.
Karma really is a bitch! Breana is getting exactly what she deserves. She might try to play nice now but I won't forget how she acted back in the day. It's fun to see her struggle with her relationship trying desperately to become a Jackson. It's not working out well for her as 3t.com confirms lol!

Let the bets on the actual break up begin. I'm giving them a few more months tops.
I guess everyone can stop speculating about the love lives of 3t now. According to the new 3t.com website only taj and tj are married. Taryll's and tj's kids are mentioned as well. Taryll is only mentioned to be in a relationship with breana so not engaged and definitely not married.

I can't agree more with what is being said about taryll and breana. It's not the nicest thing to say but for someone who says she is so "real" and loves God so much she comes across as pretty fake.

She keeps forgetting that her sons are jacksons but she still isn't and probably never will be. I'm sure she can be a nice person to the people she wants to be liked by and she is probably a good mom to her boys but that's pretty much it.

Taryll doesn't look happy at all lately. He hardly ever posts anything anymore, not even music. The only "happy" pictures I saw if him were from his last trip to europe. I think time apart from breana will do him good. Luckily he will get plenty of that now that they will be in europe a lot for the big reunion. She clearly doesn't make him happy anymore.
I wonder why did Kim and Tj break up. I read several comments on various forums saying that they were really in love but they both moved on really quickly.
Ann Onymous
I'm really cracking up over here! I'm surprised so many people are thinking the same thing. Trying to be "private" is really not working out for them. It's not even that they don't deserve their privacy but the way they go about it just makes it all look a little weird.

What is interesting to me is how they will all manage once the brothers are back with 3t travelling europe all the time.

I'm quite sure taj is happy and in love with his new wife. She is an artist herself and she is used to being on the road so she gets what her man is doing.

Tj seems very easy going and is probably content in his relationship. His wife was his girlfriend and took care of his son when he was out with 3t in europe before so i think they will do just fine. Unless tj gets too comfortable in europe and all the attention he gets there...

Taryll and his girlfriend will have it the hardest. By far. She is not used to his travelling and the attention for her boyfriend and out of the wives/girlfriends I think she has the most to fear. They have kids but that is clearly not the safety net she was hoping for. It works once he is at home and with his sons but once he is overseas he seems to enjoy himself just fine without her. I won't be surprised if they break up this upcoming year. Like the other poster said everyone can see it's not working out between them.
This is all pretty funny to me because they are trying to keep everything on the downlow but it's not really working out for them. LOL!

Royal is both tj's and frances' son. She already had two kids when she started dating tj and then had royal in 1999. They got married later in 2007 and got two more girls deedee and jojo. The funny thing about it is that tj only "introduced" royal to us when he became fourteen. What a joke. I don't think there was a single fan out there who didn't know this already. Frances seems nice enough. She doesn't appear to feel the need to let everyone know tj is hers. She keeps busy with her work and her kids and does her own thing. I can admire that. Only thing i ever saw her do that made me question her good intentions was her starting to comment on pics on tj's instagram while he was away in the uk because she never did before. But who knows, maybe she just missed him although it came across like saying "he's mine".

Then there's taj who is the only one who was never shady about his relationship or tried to hide anything. She always made it clear thayana made him happy and she was the lady in his life. I guess that honesty goes a long way because out of all 3 of them he seems to have the happiest and healthiest relationship. Fans also respect them the most because they are honest and both of them are respectful to everyone all the time.

Don't even get me started on the mess that is taryll's and breana's relationship. I'm honestly surprised these two are still together. I think after he and kourtney broke up he wanted to find someone so badly he just grasped at whatever he could find and tried to make something bronze look gold. Breana appeared to be sweet and fun at first but then she started getting insecure and lashing out online. She managed to get knocked up pretty quickly trying to keep taryll locked down. Up until now it's clear that taryll loves his sons but i think he himself knows that his "thing" with breana isn't working. Why he isn't getting out must be for his sons because he seems absolutely miserable to me. He used to have this sparkle about him that just seems lost now. She doesn't see it or at least tries to pretend everything is fine. All over her pinterest are wedding dresses she likes and things she would want but she doesn't want to see it's not going to happen. Taryll doesn't want to marry her, they should be honest about that with each other and realize they are not meant to be. Taryll looks nothing like the happy and upbeat person he looked like while dating kourtney. Of course your kids should be your first priority but you need to be truly happy yourself first to give your kids the best of you.
I would first like to say that any fan wants to know more about their idol yes, but that does not give the right to tarnish the image of anyone and even invade the privacy that being himself does not want to break it .
About Tj , Royal is not the son of Frances and Lexci is not the daughter of Tj , all that Frances herself has released only seek you guys on the internet , the fact is that they live happily , all live as children of the couple and 3T have new projects that are yet to come , and they did not deviate from the fans , as they always are promoting meeting with fans from around the world and this can be accompanied by social networks and all should be rooting for them .
What about T -Rio , the girls are wonderful and worth more you know their work .
The information I quoted are the social networks of their own , some even answer fans in networks , so I know some informraÁűes .
Sorry for my English because I am South American and am not very fluent , lol .
3t fan forever
I don't know when Tj got married, If Taryll and Breana are really married or not. But what I do know is Breana is faker than a $3 dollar bill. I mean seriously. First she was such a bitch to Taryll's fans back in the day on Myspace now she wants all the fans to kiss her ass and be their "friend". Bitch please! She needs to take her ugly ass and go get some therapy to help her deal with that fucked up relationship. I mean seriously what man if he truly loves you would want to keep it a secret. If he loved you so much he'd want the entire world to know. And has anyone seen that recent pic of Tj's wife?? Damn does she look old. She isn't aging well at all. He needs to take some of that money he gets from MJ's estate and get her ass a face lift or something. For two handsome men they sure ended up with some less than attractive women. Seems like things went downhill for them after the Kardashians :/
Guess that's why they both got pregnant to keep them.
I can't speak for others, but my information is or was all out on the internet. Tj's wedding was noticed by the media because he reportedly was disappointed mj did not show up for his wedding. His wedding registry was up online and there are still several sites with very accurate information on them including their addresses and what not.
As far as taj goes he never made a secret about it. He and thayana have never hidden their relationship and a lot about their upcoming wedding was shared online. It is still the same now that they are married.

Taryll never really shared much information himself but there was enough out there to be found. Back in the day their myspace profiles were public and everything was found on there. Not sure if it was on purpose but most of that information came from breana herself. When they broke up she commented to her girlfriends that she really needed the girltime with them considering what was going on. He put up a song about it on myspace, it was all out in the open. Later on when they got back together they became more careful and after a while everything went private but once facebook became more popular some more information and pictures showed up. Because there were some people who were also friends with people they were friends with, some comments and pictures were seen by those people and the information was shared. It is clear taryll adores his sons but what keeps sparking the rumors is he cleary is not planning on marrying her anytime soon. People might say that it is not uncommon to live together and have kids without being married these days. But considering there are more than enough hints from her out there that she wants to get married it does make you wonder why they're not.
This makes for an interesting read. I always wonder where all these rumors and other information came from? Do some of you have inside information or was this found somewhere on the internet?
Tj got married to Frances on July 7th 2007, she has two kids from a former relationship and 3 kids with Tj. Taj got married to Thayana on June 16th 2013, they don't have any kids (yet). Taryll has 2 kids with Breana but they are not married. From what I heard he does love her but they have had a troubled relationship from the start. They met around march/april 2006 after he broke up with kourtney. He was very active on myspace around that time and got close with some people. They were very in love for a while but then broke up for the first time in december 2006 / january 2007. "So In Love" and "One Last Time" were songs that taryll posted on this myspace page about it. I also heard the rumors about her being annoyed with the secrecy of the relationship and was annoyed about the contact he had with some people.

I was told he had a few issues and felt confused about their relationship. Rumors were he was probably in love with someone else or at least felt a strong connection to someone else. He pushed her away but then later wanted to get back with her. They got back together around february 2007 and she started posting pics of them together and got pregnant 3 months after. A lot of people say she wanted to "secure" her relationship with taryll.

She is the mother of his kids and though he does love her and their family it has been clear for years that he does not feel that she is the "one". I saw on facebook one of her friends asked her about it and she replied she is "not there yet". To be honest I don't think they will ever get there but time will tell.
I don't know that much about TJ and Frances. I know that Frances is from Texas and someone once told me that T.J. right after the Brotherhood tour, went to school in Texas. T.J has a college degree. Maybe that's how he ended up meeting Frances.
Getting back to Taryll, he and Khortney Kardashian had a serious relationship. They were not just dating, they were living together. Also Rob Kardashian lived with Taryll and Khourtney during the time when their father had died. I forgot to add, when Kim Kardashian was married to Taryll's best friend Damon Thomas, this is when Taryll and Khortney were living together. Damon's new chick is Breana's friend, so this is how she met Taryll.
what you said is very interesting.. What else?? I wanna know about that Breana.. :D And i want to know, Is Taryll really happy with Breana??

and btw, who can tell me how did TJ met Frances? And was Frances already divorced at that time? Some of you must be asking why I want to know that.. Well, it's just by simple curiosity..
Breana met Taryll through her friend named Cindi. Cindi is in a relationship with Damon Thomas. Damon is good friends with Taryll. Damon along with Taryll wrote the song "CHANGE ME" for Ruben Studdard. Damon Thomas was also married to Kim Kardashian so this is how Taryll knows him. The picture of the baby boy dressed in blue in the swing that Taryll posted on his Twitter page about 3 years ago, mother and father is Cindy and Damon. THAT IS NOT BRYCE IN THAT PICTURE.... Now some of you nosey fans don't come at me riding on your HIGH HORSES acting like you are not interested in this info.
Jenn is right when she says that Breana wanted fame. But it's not about just being famous with her. It was about her letting the 3t fans know that Taryll had a girl in his life and it wasn't Khourtney Kardashian. This is what the fans used to believe when it came to Taryll's love life, that he was still in a relationship with Khourtney. I was told that Breana had issues with Taryll not sharing with his fans that he had a girlfriend. Breana did not like the fact that Taj shared his relationship with Thayana with 3t fans but Taryll would never talk about her to his fans. I was told that Breana couldn't stand those Dutch fans who ran that TNG 3T fansite because many of them were like in your face flirting with Taryll and she knew that he had some connection with them. Maybe not romantic but they had limited access to 3T. I was told it was a little bit after Breana and Taryll started getting serious that she started posting pictures of she and Taryll. I was told that when Taryll's friend Clyde posted that picture of Taryll, Breana and TJ, on his Myspace page, that's when some 3t fans started getting curious and they saw her Myspace page. Not too long after that, that's when she posted all of the pictures with her and Taryll thats everywhere now. To this very day, Taryll has never ever said to the fans that he has a girlfriend. Breana is the one that told 3t fans that Taryll had a girlfriend and it was her.

Why do you say everyone in the family hates Breana? I've seen some friendly chit chat between her and Frances (always with "Love You" at the end of the message) and also with Thayana on Twitter. Doesn't sound like they hate her. Are you referring to anyone else in the family? Also LaToya posts to Breana and always very lovingly. Just curious as to who you were referring to.

I have no idea about Taryll and Breana's relationship so I can't comment on that. I can tell from reading Taryll's tweets that he adores his sons.
TJ is VERY HAPPILY married to Frances. Taj & Thayana are happily engaged. Taryll will NEVER marry Breana, he can hardly stand her. The only reason he stays is his kids. He was ready to kick her to the curb but then she got preggo again. They fight like cats and dogs. Everybody in the family hates her. She is a fame whore. I'm not surprised she's insinuating they are married, she wants so badly to be a Jackson, thinking it will give her some sort of notorierty. It will never happen.
How naive you are? I doubt that Taj would be in a relationship with Thayana and now engaged to marry her and not be living together with her. I'm sure they are having sex and the whole shabang. This is not the damn 1950's
Seriously, speculating about 3T's love lives is so 2000.
I don't know if Taryll is married or not (nor do I care for that matter) but it's pretty clear that the 3 of them are in very serious relationships (married in TJ's case). Two of them have kids.
If in 2012, there are still 3T fans that believe that they're single and their kids don't exist, well that's pure denial for sure.
Ann Onymous
I know that Taj and Thayna are engaged to be married but does anyone know if they are living together?
@notfoolatall I believe you when you say Taryll and Breana are married. You are right, people were so quick to say that some fans were lying when it was told that TJ had a son. I remember being called a liar when I found out that Taryll was involved with a girl named Breana. And not to mention when his son Bryce was born. Some fans just refuse to believe I was telling the truth. I read the comment on Breana's Twitter page from her cousin who said that he had met her husband and 2 little boys. Why would her cousin Tweet that to her?
Judging by the picture of Frances Jackson that she has on her twitter account, I would say she is quite pretty. From the comments posted here I expected to see an old and unattractive person - that is so not the case. LOL
How come Breana hasn't straight up called Taryll her husband. I am not in denial. I just think something is not exactly as it should be with her and Taryll. I saw the obituary for Breana's grandfather earlier this year, and I found it strange that their two kids were listed as family, but Taryll was not. I think they plan to get married but are not yet married.
I'm not jealous about the idea of taryll is married, but still i don't believe it 'coz marriage is great and honourable!

But if Taryll was really married to Breana why did he have to hide it? I mean, Tj confirmed his marriage with Frances and why can't Taryll do so?
Simply because their private life is none of our business!!!!! 3T made it clear on that as far as I remember! So supporting them in their career is what we are meant to do and not interfering in their personal life! I wonder what will they say when they learn about this? How would they feel? What would be their reaction? Disappointed? Betrayed? Are you really fans? For goodness sake, please, let them live!!!

P.S if you so-called 3T Fans really love them, you would only worry about their happiness and let me tell you something if you haven't noticed TAJ, TARYLL AND TJ ARE HAPPY WITH THEIR WOMAN and that should be enough for us to care about. That's the essential. They are happy.
Some of you 3t fans are so F*cking naive. It just kills you that Taryll and Breana are married. The very same fans who are denying that Taryll is married are the very same fans who denied that he had a son named Bryce. You are the very same fans that denied that TJ had a son named Royal AND he had A wife named Frances. Some of you 3t fans just can't accept that Taryll is a husband. What's the big f*cking deal about Taryll being married? ARE YOU JEALOUS?

Taryll and Breana had a great time on the Eastcoast. Look what her cousin Tweeted her:

Reunited with my cousin after 10+ years, it was a beautiful day with @iambreanacabral, Met her husband & my two lil beautiful boy cousins! ✨"

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Breana has a husband and his name is Taryll Adren Jackson. Get the f*uck over it and accept it.
Taryll and Breana are not married. They are not wearing wedding rings, and Breana would have been shouting that from the mountain top if they were. She can't even say on her twitter that she is a wife, because she is not.
@notfooledatall and who told you that?? Or should i say, where did you hear that?
One more thing. You say they are married question. Why get married if you can't acknowledge it. Why bother???
Soooo what's really going on ?????. Being "with" someone, claiming 2 kids, some saying there are married but she can't come out and say it. Uhhh I don't that all. Soooo what's really going on ?????? Cause I don't get it. If you are married then say it and be proud of it.
I don't see why they would need to hide it. Last time I checked marriage is honorable. I don't think there is anything wrong with admitting being married if you are especially if you want the world to believe you are with someone and have 2 kids. Afterall TJ is married with kids and nobody hides that ??? Soooo
LOLOL....I love Breana, she tells all of her and Taryll's business. At least she tries to. THANKS !GIRL. Taryll and Breana are married. I feel so sorry for Breana who can't come right out and say it , but she does everything she can to hint that they are. She should not have to do that. I don't know why Taryll needs to hide the fact that he is married.
They are happy and that's what we all should care about!!!! :)
@neworleanschick the information you posted has been posted already on a number of occasions please if you can in the future post something else. Please if you can post something else, something new and extraordinarily exciting. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
this is all anyone needs to care about. TAJ is with Thayana..whether married or not doesnt matter! TARYLL is with Breana..they have 2 kids and whether they are married or not doesnt matter! TJ is married to Frances and they have a few kids together.. so there..thats all anyone should care about!
Taryll and Taj are telling the truth. Tanay Rodney( that's her real last name) is not related to the Jackson family.
Supposedly Tito took a DNA test and it was proven that Tanay is not his daughter. The pictures that you see of her with Tito Jackson and Joe Jackson are just that, pictures taken with two Jackson men and she is lying that they are related to her. She also has some picture taken at a family reunion that she says were the Jacksons, but you do not see any members of the family in the pic.
I blame stupid ass 3t fans and stupid ass Michael Jackson fans who took whatever Tanay said and ran with it as if it was the truth. None of the Jackson family members EVER said that Tanay was related to them, yet you had STUPID ASS Jackson fans posting this shit all over different websites and they have being doing this for years.
What the hell was TJ thinking when he hooked up with Frances? How can someone that good looking be into cougars? Frances is so old that she has crows feet around her eyes. TJ probably got Frances knocked up wit Royal on the first date and she wasn't going to let him out of her sight. TJ can do much better than this.
I just had a question. I recently saw Taryll say that woman that is claiming to be his half sister is not related to them and Taj said somewhat of the same thing. My question is so which is it? Is she their sister or not? Because I see her taking pictures with Tito and Tito kissing on her, her taking pictures with Grandpa Joe, referring to Katherine as Grandma and Michael as her uncle. Btw So far Tito hasnt denied her. So whats up with that???
TJ and Taryll dated Kim and kourtney kardashian. Kris Jenner talks about them in her book.
I agree with everything you said 3tLover.
The music sounds very outdated indeed and this the exact problem I had with Identity. This album has been released in 2004 and most of the songs sounded like they could have been released in the mid 90's.
But it's kind of expected when you release an album every 10 years.
They're not that old but seem totally disconnected with nowadays music. They don't have to make a song with David Guetta but a more modern sound is required if they/ he want(s) to be more successful.
I am not going to say that I love Taryll's new song just because I'm a fan and I love 3T. I love Taryll as a musician but I have to be honest, I do not like the song 4Ever.

The song sounds like it should have been on a 3T cd like 8 years ago. It sounds very outdated and nothing like what is being played today in music. Maybe if he'd sped up the music and made it a little more dance friendly then the song could work.

The song is too syrupy and it is a typical expected song coming from Taryll Jackson. I think Taryll's shot at being a solo male star is a little too late now.

I think the best thing he should do is work on music production and more behind the sceen with other artist.
The song sucks and is not radio friendly at all. I like Taryll's voice though. I always think he was the most talented T.
Downloaded Taryll's new single 4ever. I like it alot. I have always loved Taryll's voice.

Can't wait for the album to be available.
Jane, 3t are not black, they are mixed race. They are just as much Latino who are either Mestizos or Amerindians.
Any idiot knows Breana has a website for her job, BreanaCabralEvents.com.... that number is on there for all to see.... Uhh duh! If they aren't a fan of the guys then they have NO IDEA as to what companies their wife/ girlfriends own. And no I wouldn't date them or would ever want to, I'm not attracted to black men, as friends sure no problem but never anything more. I'm done defending myself and the guys, think what you want, I no longer care only because I know the truth.
You are no friend. And I can see that you paid money to a background search engine to dig up your so-called "PERSONAL INSIDE INFORMATION" about 3t. How dare you post the personal phone number of someone. Why did you do that, to prove that you know Breana? You posting her phone number doesn't mean a damn thing. It just goes to show that you are every bit of a 3t stocker. Who cares what the race of the men you like dating. And if you could get with a member of 3t, YOU WOULD. That's why you are so down on the details of their married life. Hiding behind that "I DON'T DATE BLACK MEN" bull. Girl please! All I know is that Taryll loves his babies mama or he wouldn't keep having babies with her.
@3tLovers, not a fan I'm a friend. They do talk to people outside of their families. Here's an idea, why don't you pay money online for a background check on Taryll and where it says spouse, it will be empty because THEY AREN'T MARRIED!!! Why in the piss would I give a damn if they were or weren't married? I personally don't date black men, I have no interest in it, famous or not. And no before you go all postal on me, that isn't racist, it's a preference... everyone has them nor am I being at all ignorant. The only reason I brought up Kourtney was because she has a child with another one on the way and isn't married to her baby's father.... If a fan wants to call Breana's number then so be it.... that's what you deal with when your in a celebrity relationship. Also the number is 310-910-1255. The only reason I posted it was because the number is out there, as well as Frances' number. I'm sure everyone knows Frances has Get Fit Corona and does it out of her home as well as Bre does her party planning. I'm 35 not 12, I'm well aware of their privacy issues and that's something the fans should respect. I just don't frequent this website anymore because I'm SICK of being called a liar. I have NEVER nor would I EVER post something that wasn't true about the Jackson family.
@Jane.... Who cares about Scott and Kourtney Kardashian and that contrived reality show of theirs. How fake was Kim's marriage? Taryll and Breana could have gone down to city hall or somewhere else to get married. They don't need a wedding. TJ never told his fans that he and Frances were married. Fans only found out because they stole information and pictures from the personal social websites of 3t's friends and families. Getting back to Ms. Kourtney Kardashian, I know for a fact that Kourtney and Taryll once lived together. Also Rob Kardashian lived with Taryll for a while after his father passed away. I also know that Breana is 1/2 Black and 1/2 Portugese- American. So I know just as much as you do about 3T and Breana. And what personal work number are you going to post of Breana's? "The WHY COOK" phone number of her mother's company? You think if somebody is going to call Breana's job asking her some dumb question about her marriage to Taryll, she going to deny or confirm it? All I know is that you can read between the lines of Taryll's new song and know that he is talking about Breana. If you were a personal friend of Bre's, you wouldn't be wasting your time on some 3t fansite.
Kourtney and Scott do it! Taryll and Breana do it!!

Taryll dated Kourtney! They were very much in love, both of them. He invited her to Bryce's birthday! Umm..... Make me wonder..... That's suspicious.... I admire Taryll :P

Btw, i hope Taj and Thayanna lots of happiness and plenty of kids!! :)
Curious me
I believe Taryll and Breana are married. The two of them are very much together and they are very happy being parents. I know for a fact that they are living together. You can tell that Taryll loves his little boys very much. It's only natural that he would want their mother to be his wife. And all the pictures that I see of Taryll and Breana together, they are very much in love.
I bet you Taj see's his brothers with their own families and now he ready for his own.
@ I know, no TAJ IS NOT MARIED!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't know EVERYTHING, just earlier today Thayana changed her facebook status to engaged. Everything NewOrleansChick or whatever her name was, was exactly right about everything except for some dates, which I have already said MANY times in earlier posts.
Neworlenans chick, you may know some things about 3t but I know you are not being honest about how you know the family. How do I know this? Because you got Royal's date of birth wrong. You are going by info you found on line. I won't tell when Royal's birthday is, but I can tell you it's not March 2000. Ask Tito or TJ if you want to know. LOL. Lastly, Taj and Thayana are married.
I know
so if frances her oldest was born in 1990 that made her a teenmom at 15? she was born in 1975 . that goes to show what kind of woman she is. she had 2 kids by the age of 18. no wonder how she tought she could hit the jackpot by getting pregnant by a jackson and why TJ was as hestitate to tie the knot
Ok..everyone...Taj is NOT married to Thayana. They have been together for a while now but not married. Taryll is with Breana Cabral..they have 2 sons together..Bryce and Adren Michael. They are not married either. TJ is married to Frances Jackson (Casey). They got married on July.7th,2007(07-07-07). She owns Get Fit Corona in Corona, CA. She has 2 children from Travis Mack a guy she married a long time ago..Sage Mack and Alexia(Lexci) Mack. Both born in December. Sage Dec.6 1990 and Lexci December 23 1993. Frances and TJ have 3 kids together...Royal born in March of 2000, Dee Dee born in March of 2008 and Jordanie born in November of 2010. I know all this bc I am a family friend of Tito's. Taryll does not have HIV and TJ and Frances are HAPPILY married. Thayana is loved by the whole family. Please stop the rumors!! L.O.V.E.
Here is a video from the guys promoting the Michael Forever Tribute concert. Just thought I'd share it in case anyone missed it.

@Nikki.... thank you, I would NEVER say anything that wasn't true about the guys!!! I stopped posting on here because I'm sick of being called a liar. I DO know Taj, this is why MY information is ALWAYS factual!!
You are talking about taryll's sons, Jaafar posted a pic of him and Jojo (tj's youngest girl) on his facebook page! Such a cutie. <3 :)
This must be the overseas 3T fans writing on here. They are 3t Fans United and 3T Brother and Sisterhood. They hang onto every word. Search the internet for any negativity as if no one has an opinion but theirs. Some of them are 15 to 20 years older than 3T. When they think something is wrong in 3T/MJ world, they report, use abusive language, etc. I lost respect when I saw the profanity. It's kind of contradictory that we have such a kind family with an abusive fan base. I hate to hear anything about the family. If you join a group, they're over it pretending to be someone else. Some of them have hacked into people's accounts. Most people in America don't want to be bothered. 3T would have a better and larger group of fans if they were not in the picture. But they cater to them. They are even trying to be friends with their wives and everyone else. We backed off from 3T. We cannot deal with the immaturity from the fans.
Taryll's little boys are too cute. Bryce looks just like Taryll and Adren looks just like Breana.

Here we go again with the "KNOW IT ALL" 3t fan who wants to be the big defender and protector of 3t. You get a damn life and let us make whatever comments we like. Because you hang on to everything that 3t does and kiss their asses, that's you. And as far as Taryll now popping up everywhere, he now has a product in a form of a new album that he wants to sell and he wants you to buy. So we now know what is reasons are.
are you the lawyer of thayanna??LOL

i hated the girls ! they cant sing! these girls... they must be really good in bed cuz i can't see any other reason why they'd be singing on anyone's record.
to 3tfan
Some of you people call yourselves fans???? If you guys were really fans, you wouldn't be spreading rumours about the T's. Taryll H-I-V positive? Frances cheating on TJ? Wow some of you need to get a life instead of poking around into others. Also some of you need to be really patient. Remember that long time we waited between brotherhood and identity?? Well hello in case some of you didn't know, because of some "stressed" relationships between MJJ productions and Sony, 3T got caught in the middle of it and had to start on a whole new album, and you all knew that had to take some time. So you never know what could've happened this time. Besides, they actually were working on something then their uncle died. Yet some impatient fans almost sounded like they didn't want the T's to grieve. What their not allowed to feel sad over their uncle? Want to know what's gonna happen in 2012 then I recommend that all of you get a copy of Jackson magazine and.....FIND OUT instead of messing around on rumours or waiting your whole life away on Twitter just to see if they'll answer. Oh and also for all you people who claim to be fans of Taj (also making the statment that you're not gonna be fans of him because of anything that concerns Thayana or how he's with all 3 of the sisters) you need to let it go. For one thing he's with Thayana and you need to respect their relationship. So this whole thing some of you guys are saying between her and Frances needs to be put to rest. If theirs nothing between them, stop trying to act like their is. Also if some of you don't know Taj and T-rio are working on 2 projects. One is called Code Z: the zombie series (has a trailer) the other is called Clone 3. So of course he's gonna be seen with all 3 of them. And I can imagine that Thayana is close with her sisters, so they might always be by her side, there's nothing wrong with that. If some of you looked hard enough, you would find their are pictures of Taj and Thayana alone.

Anyway just wanted to clear that up. So good day to all.
Tarryl has announced the release of his solo music project in April. And also mentioned that he and his brothers are working in the studio on some 3T material. Can't wait! :o)
What I'm getting at is how some fans dismiss information even when it's presented to them, calling other fans liars and then turn around and kiss the ass of 3t when that information turns out to be true. And the picture that baby that Taryll posted IS NOT HIS SON. That baby is the son of a friend of Taryll's. Taryll said that he made a mistake when he posted the picture. But I guess many of you are saying that he is lying.
Uh I'm still trying figure out what you're getting at! If you were called a liar by some of the fans that maybe because Taryll himself never said (at least I don't remember) that he had a son, it was other people that drew their own conclusion after he "accidently" posted that picture.
Yeah I just saw the new picture he posted and I must say he does look "mature" (said with a cough lol). But hey "old" people need our love and support too LOL.
TJ just changed his Facebook photo, and I have to say he is looking old.
I don't have a problem with 3t not wanting to share their personal information. If that's what they want, then hey I can't do anything about that. But what I don't like are the 3t fans who are so damn hypocritical about pretending to respect 3t's privacy, yet they are just as nosey as hell. YEARS AGO, I posted that Taryll had a little boy and I can't begin to tell you "WHAT A LIAR" I was called. Now the very same damn 3T fans who didn't believe a word that I was posting are now the one's kiss Taryll's ass and sending him stupid giddy as messages about his son Bryce. Hahahah!!! By the way TAJ we are still waiting for "3T's" reality show.
I agree that it's their private life. But, they are the 3t, one of the most wanted boy band in the 90's + they are Jacksons.. They knew right that they would lose their privacy, hence they entered the show business and now they can't even play the game. They lied to all their fans. They fooled us. I remember they mentionned of dating a fan back then in the 90's. It wasn't a problem for them. What happened then?.. like Tj for example, his son was born in 2000 and i remember very well that in 2003 or 2004, he said he had no kids! Don't know what they want. I love and support them. I really do. But, i can't accept the fact of them lying and fooling us. A lot of us supported them back then and still do it now. They gave interviews and described themselves as being honest guys. I don't think they are being honest. I'm disappointed. :(
At one point he did claim he wasn't married even
When people were saying he was married so who knows.
I need to know if Taj or anyone else has confirmed if Taryll is married.
Lol at TJ being separated (you wish). There's a picture of him in Orlando with Royal, Omar Bhatti and Prince and you can clearly see Frances in the background. Besides, it seems that Tj is wearing his wedding band. The picture seems to have been taken at a game or a show.
And I think that Taj adressed the rumor about Thayana and Frances because it's actually NOT true.
@Rose i thought i was the only me to think that. Normally, Taj never replies to fans asking about their private life. But now!?? If Tj knows that Frances is cheating on him, then i think that the only reason that makes him stay with her is because of his kids. Tj is a responsible man and very smart, yet helpless. That's sad. He doesn't deserve that.
@tajjackson3 That's good to know Taj. On the message board they also said that your gf use to be a prostitute. I hope that is not true.
Rose, the way you process information is out of this world.
tajjackson3 Taj Jackson
ď@SmucksRus: Taj I was on a message boards and the fans were saying that your gf and TJ's wife hate eachother is that true?Ēnot at all. lol.

so this makes me wonder how much is true about frances cheating on TJ . Where there's smoke, there's fire and taj commenting on this tweet only makes me believe there really is some thruth they don't like eachother. I feel for TJ, he's home taking care of the kids while she is running around cheating on him
i think this time it's true : 3t 2012

Taj Jackson
When I'm back from my New Years plans,I will post on 3T.com a small snippet of a 3t song you probably have never heard before.YTYBOM #3t2012
Oh well it could be that his other kids and family were there but were in the hotel or maybe even at home. Sometimes around the holidays its hard to be without your loved ones so maybe he wanted to get their minds off things around this time by getting them away and doing something fun.
Just wondering why TJ spent Christmas with his cousins in the Bahamas and Florida. I know he has little kids so it's strange he's not with his own family at Christmas.
What makes you suspect that he is divorced/separated besides the fact that he wasn't wearing a ring during the tribute...BTW neither was Taryll contrary to what some people say about them being married?????
Some 3T fans are so naive.... I remember Taj talking about a new 3T comeback/music back in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, (2011 was in regards to the tribute concert for his dead uncle, so this doesn't count) and now I'm suppose to take his word that 3t will be out in 2012? I WILL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT. No hating here, just being HONEST!
Is TJ divorced/separated?
Guys!!!! I got some great news! 3t are coming back in 2012. Taj confirmed it on his twitter. Two fans asked 'Tell us the truth ,are you coming back in 2012? Yes or no. Taj reply was this : 'Yes, absolutely.' All of us were waiting for that.... Happy or not?? B-)
mmm no more 3t news? 2 years after mj's death and nobody from jackson family is intersted anymore...... sudddenly we found 3t again but they didnt do anything for their fans..... only kids..... anyway you have to understand 3t wont come back out
i love 3t and i wont you to make more music and come back on the telly becuse you woz the best boy band ever love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
dominic thomas

Legal Stuff
UPDATE: Breana confirmed it. Taryll's second baby is a boy and his name is Adren. It's funny how everything we know about Taryll and his little family comes from Breana. I mean after all it was her who made it clear to the world that she was and is Taryll's girl.
@ Anonymous yes they are all married. Taj is married to Thayanna Sco, Taryll to Breana Cabral and Tj to Frances Casey.
Taryll really looks good. Breana that lucky girl...
Also I might add, TJ looks great too.
Hahaha! that pic of Taryll grabbing his crotch. I really didn't expect that.

OK, so just to clarify, are all 3T are now married?

Is that a pic of Taryll from the UK Tribute? Nice pic, thanks for posting it.
im so agree with everything u said @Samantha.

im taj fan i swear i'm very sad to see that i don't want to be fans of him anymore i'm sick & tired of this sh*t.. :-(!!
Nice pictures Taj but sometimes I wonder Taj how many girlfriends /fiances/wives do you have? 1 or 3 lol. Do the other sisters have boyfriends/fiances/husbands? Lol everytime I see a picture of you you're surrounded by 3 women and you're the only male in the group lol.

pinch 2t
I was told that Taryll and Breana are in fact married. Briefly I was friends on Myspace with Breana's cousin David Cabral and he told me that they were married. David bragged a lot about Taryll being with Breana and he did give me some detailed information on their relationship to the point I don't think he was lying because some of the information I was able to confirm. BUT HE DID HAVE A BIG MOUTH. On his Myspace page he refered to Michael Jackson as his "Uncle in Law". That's how he and I became friends because I sent him a message about how was he related to Michael Jackson and that's when he told me about Breana being married to Taryll. David deleted me because there was some things that I called his bluff on and I told him I thought he was lying. For example, he once told me that he would go to clubs with Taryll and he would get into the clubs even though he was under aged because he was with a Jackson. I've saved the Myspace e-mails between David and I because I was going to post them one Taryll's Myspace page to prove to him that people close to him have big mouths. Hahahah.... Moving on... I was told that Taryll's new baby's name is Adren. I think it is a girl. Funny, for some reason, I always knew that if Taryll had a little girl, Adren would be her name. It's a name that you don't hear to often for a girl.
"Is it me or does it seem like Breana and Frances believe in getting pregnant at the same time? Are these 2 women setting the preggo clocks and calculating the exact time they will concieve so that their kids are born practically within day from one another? "
submitted by EZRM2C

I was wondering the same thing. The first time with Bryce and DeeDee it was cute but this time it really makes you wonder...
Wow everyone looks different I'm happy Taj cut his hair because I think he looks better with his hair shorter. I also liked it when his hair was very long and pulled back lol, it looked very sexy on him. The girls look different also.

Is it me or does it seem like Breana and Frances believe in getting pregnant at the same time? Are these 2 women setting the preggo clocks and calculating the exact time they will concieve so that their kids are born practically within day from one another?
wait, I don't get it, why is people saying that taryll is fat or isnt fat, I mean it is his own choice if he is or not lol ;p and he is not 18 years old anymore, I just wanted to say this.
sweet longtime fan of 3t: Taryll is a handsome FAT man...... open your eyes! the last 3-4 years is fat! BUT he has still gorgeous angels face!
taryll is not fat, its the baggy clothes and angle of the picture, just look at his legs! he looks like he is very happy with his kids. 3T is all grown up!
longtime fan
3T and family
the picx
yes taryll is fat and happy father its pity because he was the most handsome member of jacksons men.......... too bad........
@Mickey where can i find that family pic? Wish to see it too! Plz, tell me!
Did you see their new family pic? Taryll is bigger than Taj now. TJ still looks slim.
ok you are big fans of 3t but dont you think that you all said big words for them...NO they arent big singers like their uncle Michael.......YES they have nice voices especially Taryll...but they dont have the same talent with MJ. YES they have better voices than other singers who are famous and in top list but i think that they never come back and if they will come back out they wont have success!!! anyway wish them have a good life and time with the lovely family...
What i meant was 'big singers' like their uncle! They are not only great singers but they also have amazing voices! They are down-to-earth & ordinary guys... Whatever, they deserve all the happiness of the world for being awesome!! Those guys are real 3T: Top!, Terrific!, Tremendous! Thank guys for being who you are! Love u so much...

I can't wait for Tito's album. The first release We Made It is so awesome. I play it all the time. Its a different take on Tito - I'm used to his blusey sound but this one is so uplifting. I purchased it on iTunes and love, love, love it. WTG Poppa T
excuse me Love3t :: im not agree with you taryll is a great singer

& my dear taj was amazing with the song of oasis "wonderwall". he make me very proud of him :=)!!
Enjoy Tito's album. In some songs, 3t do the background vocals. No one knows what they're up to; whether they'll come back or not. But, if u really luv 3t, don't argue then 'coz they wouldn't like it... especially Tj. They'll be hurt if they find out about your arguments concerning their private life. Try to understand & don't take me wrong please. They'll do whatever make them happy... Yes, they do music but they are not singers, just musicians. They said it themselves back then that they were not seeing themselves becoming singers & that they are just simple musicians... Don't take me wrong, please. If you love the guys, then if they're happy with their life you should be happy too! Do one thing, all you got to do is to listen to their music remembering the old good days & nothing else!! Understood!?
@Leila, Artists whether 3T or anyone else, in my opinion, shouldn't "come out" because others want you to, you come out because YOU want to. Music has to be something a person WANTS to do, it can't be forced. If you love the art of music and you have the talent to be successful, your talent will speak for itself. As for TJ, his wife, her age (TJ knew her age and whatever else when he married her, it takes two to be in a relationship, so as far as I'm concerned she didn't trap him or play "older woman cougar") his children and when they were born, January, February or March, or around Christmas time.... WHAT DIFFERENCE IT MAKE !!!!!!!!
Dee Dee and the new baby Jordania were both born in January. Royal was in March. Lexci in December. Maybe they don't want you to know about their private life because this is what would happen. People would start condemning them because Dee Dee like Royal was conceived before they got married. I was thin as a rail at my wedding also. No one suspected I was 2 months pregnant. People complain because she is 3 years older than he is. They think she conned him. The older Cougar woman. Maybe and maybe not. Who Knows? They do things like any other family and don't want you to know about it. Remember Joe Jackson and his women or Tito. Jermaine with Randy's ex. Janet beginning married and not telling anyone. Taj says he "lies a lot". It's probably more that we don't know about. It's things they don't want you to know. Their reality show didn't make it like other reality shows because it was too "nice". there was no reality to the reality. 3T is probably not coming back. They don't seem to want to and I wish people would the whining about it. I would welcome them if they would, but for all the fanfare they are not budging.
@Baby sorry no more comments from me.

Don't be upset. You have a right to love Taj, as many others do and I'm sure that most posters here don't mean any disrespect. But why do you hate Thayanna so much? Is there something that you know about her in regards to Taj? Or is it because you just love Taj? Would you feel the same way it he was going to marry someone else other than Thayanna?

I'm not being disrespectful toward you - just curious as to why you feel so strongly toward his girlfriend. But you have every right to love whomever you love! And I have to say that Taj is a real cutie and seems to me that he would be a very tender and caring person. Oh shoot, I love him too! LOL
Is Taj really getting married? I know he has been with his girlfriend for a very long time. The 3T's stay under the public radar so much that we don't really hear too much about them.

If he is, best of luck to him and his future wife.
@ Ilovetajforever your words are uplifting and enriching. If I see Taj I will be sure to let him know that there is someone out there that loves him atrociously. In the meantime, thank you for sharing your comment....really
@megan you & your stupid thayanna sco go in hell

i write what i want about taj!
LOL TJ probably was the one that took the pictures in the first place. From the position of the camera it doesn't look like Paris took the pictures. In fact one of the pictures looks like it was taken in the drivers seat of a car lol so I doubt Paris was the one that took the pictures lol.
Paris Jackson posted pics of TJ's kids on her Twitter, and mentioned going to their house, but then she deleted her tweets. I bet Tj told her to remove those. If you read TJ's tweets, you would never know he is married or has kids.
I thought Taj was getting married soon. If you are Taj congrats to you and your and your new wife...would love to see pictures of the wedding
Taj I love you truly madly deeply
I Love You My Love, My Lover, My Man, My Husband, i"m crasy about you.
I Want You for all my life.i promise to give you everything i can to be true with u
So what's happening with the guys? What does Taj mean when he said the last couple months have been difficult?
Dee Dee's birthday is in March. Frances did not look pregnant at her wedding because she was not pregnant. This is a fact!
@Jane You were right! Frances had her baby in January! 2 days after little Dee Dee's birthday. She's physically fit. She didn't show with Dee Dee whom she was carrying at the wedding.
I don't understand all of the anger on here. I see why they don't share much of their private lives. Also, the cd "Identity" was out about 2005. My dad bought a copy. It's not new.
@ missy
thanks for the information haha.
oh I hope so they will come back!
I already miss the 90's.

@bored just open ur eyes... u r blind because of your love for jacksons

they are nothing .........musically........
@Anon about Janet this is only in your dream her new Tour is a big sucess.

who tell you all the jackson are musically dead??? how old are you? LOL u know what go play with your Barbie doll LOL
hmmmm...someone named bored doesnt like taj's future wife........

i know thayanna said everything about tj & taryll private life to 3t fans and i swear it's true.

look 3tfans knows about their new born, their names.......

shame on you miss t rio ahahahah
Uh No that's not what I'm trying to say. What I believe has Nothing to do with anyone sexual preference.
@Lashawn what do you believe? say some examples.......do you know something that we dont know? for example......that taryll is gay and hide this doing babies with a woman? (i say just an example!)

he can do it everything he wants.....he wont ask us how to live his personal life.....
A lot of people have children without being married that's not my point...my point is I don't believe Taryll is that type of a person...to just have a bunch of babies from a woman without marrying her. I believe his standards are higher than that. If he is married there would be no reason to hide it. Marriage is honorable. Besides his brother TJ is married and that's known and no one is hiding that. I just think things are not what people think that it is...its just what they want things to be lol.
some celebrities have kids without marriage(johny depp)!

i think that they are married but taryll doesnt want fans know that.... somewhere i read that their wedding became in England(2008)
Hmm "Taryll had a second child born before Valentines day". That's great but I'm just wondering Is it by the same person? Or someone else? If its by the same person how is it he can have two children from someone and not marry her ONE time (if he is married I am unaware since I'm hearing about a baby before a marriage)....Just doesn't seem like Taryll...hmm
lol Taryll has his sec child already :) its born the day before Valentines day :)
and yes taj is going to marry :) good tough! :)
so happy for them.
and yes i hope they come back to :)
I don't really know what's going on,
since this is the first time I'm looking on this site,
the thing I read about was that Taryll has HIV?
I don't believe it to be honest,
and IF it was true, why be so heartless to spread it on the internet? I mean, come on seriously it's not anyone's problem anyway ;)
the only thing I want to know is if 3T's coming back.

& Is Taj getting married?
& Taryll's gonna be dad for the second time?
So happy for them :D
if it is true haha.
So Taj is getting married eh. Does anyone have any wedding details?
we want new 3t songs new videos of them like Anything is it difficult to understand => 3t.

we want see them in concert ..........

wake up guys!! we are in 2011 you can come back!!
What Happened To 3t??
3t are over! this is the truth!

and i am no afraid to say that breana cabral and frances try to keep tj and taryll with kids.....all the women of jackson family tried to do that because all the jacksons men likes women no one is faith to their wives
so what taj will get married it's time they were together a lot of years now. It's time taj for a lot kids that they know to do....kids.....good for them! But the truth is that he gives a lot of attention to Trio...his girlfriend is cute but she and her sisters don't have any talent such as singers and actresses! And that is bad for him it's time to give attention to 3t and he and his brother will do some music..... Come on boys a lot of stars did family but they continued their career why not u?
I love u taaaj!!forever
What Happened To 3t??

Taj getting married? Wow I had not heard that one. Well, he has been dating Thayana for quite some time and his brothers have settled down and have families - I guess its Taj's turn. If it is true, I wish him alot of happiness.
Is it true Taj is getting married in July?
janet is sweet and i wishes her all the best.
Bored Yes with 3t LOL
@Bored Yes with 3t LOL...so what sweetheart? 3t dont have anything new to share with us....so taj advertise his girlfriends's group!!! no problem....

i dont like trio...is horrible group and they are nothing in music industry....but they try to do something good with taj's name!!! so what? they arent the only persons who do that!

anyway! jackson family without mj is empty.......i think they are "dead" musically....even janet can not to do success anymore! anyway!!!

i wish they will be happy and healthy in their lives.... maybe i dont like them anymore musically....and they did some things that i dont like but i really wish them a good life.....and some people should leave michaels kids alone!(inside and outside in the family)

sorry my english sucks!! :D
click in this picx


it was 3t pictures before and now this is Trio SHAME ON YOU TAJ

u suck with your dear triplets we know you love this girls
every step he take they are this girls
Bored Yes with 3t LOL
Agreed @angry with 3T

Some new music, some new pics would be awesome! 3T fans would love some new pictures of the guys doing what they do best - music!

I would also love to see TJ in the production of Sisterella when it debuts! :o)
In the new edition of the Jackson magazine from Jackson Source, in an interview with Taryll he mentioned that he is working on completing his solo album. That sounds promising. :o)

And I know that 3T worked really hard on their Dad's new album which will be released soon also. A single from that album has already been released and it is awesome! Go Tito!
I would however love to see some new and recent pictures of 3T in the studio or something. I'm tired of seeing the same pictures that are like 10 years ago. :o) /

this is exactly what i wanted to tell you. 3t fans want some new stuff of them.
angry with 3t
@angry with 3T

Wow from the tone of your notes one would think that you hate 3T.

Things like "go in hell with 3T", "suck with 3T", and "angry with 3T" sound very bitter. If that is the case, then why on earth would it bother you that they don't post pics or videos? You don't sound like a 3T fan so why would you even want to see pics or videos?

And I agree with the other Anon--I don't care if they show us their personal lives - I would however love to see some new and recent pictures of 3T in the studio or something. I'm tired of seeing the same pictures that are like 10 years ago. :o)
u suck with them @Anonymous

when i said that about picx, videos etc etc.. all others artists made that...

go in hell with 3t
angry with 3t
I don't get why you would expect them to post videos or pics of their private lives (playing baseball, etc. as you mentioned). That's what people who only seek attention do. I hope they never do that. They should only post things that relate to their projects, work, etc. As a fan, I would only judge them based on their work, not who they are dating, or how good they are in some sport.
i agree with everything you said @anonymous..

they have not time anymore for their fans.
when you look the t_rio blog all their picx was from Taj.... why he never make the same with his brothers & for the fans.... and sincerely just for this i'm very angry with taj! he will see himself when t-rio will leave him LOL.

all i want to say.. they need to stay more close about their fans example with twitter... they can send picx,videos etc etc.. about them when they playing games (football or baseball))!!
& the fans will be very happy....

but of course they don't care. good luck to the 3t faans... Shame On You 3t.
angry with 3t
yeah i think that 3t career ended a long time ago...i also think that nobody can be huge like michael...... i think that taryll could be... and i had a feeling that nobody from the jackson family... included and mj..... wanted someone else from the males of the family to be star........

now they have families and kids..... (i doubt it how long time they will be with their wives together... the family had bad history in marriages....-i hope to be lier int this) they get old and their music can not be able to fight with the stars like eminem....lady gaga.....etc



Why are people debating other people's lives on here? No one believes anything anyway. If someone tells you the truth, there is someone that doesn't believe.
FACT: Frances is the mother of Lexci, Royal, Dee Dee, and the new one born 2 days before Dee Dee's birthday. Now, they have not published the name so I don't have a right to say. Fact 2: Frances and Tj met before the year 2000. That is where Royal came from.
Fact 3: Frances was born in 1975. Tj in 1978.
Fact 4: Who cares? Would you really like someone prying in your personal life? No one payed any attention to them until Michael passed. Fact 5: They're older and they don't look quite like those young pictures you are posting. Get a grip people. Fact 6: Katherine Jackson said in an interview on tv to leave her family alone. I think if that's what she wants then we should. If they don't want to be bothered with us then keep going.

Your comment about TJ's wife looking like his mother is unkind and unnecessary. She may be a few years older than TJ but she is still an attractive woman--and obviously TJ thinks so as he has been with her for some time and she is the mother of his children.

Honestly, I don't understand all the talk and speculation about who is married and who is not, who has children and when they were born. All of that is none of our business.

You either like 3T or you don't. You're either a fan of their music and other endeavors or you're not. What does the marital status and other personal issues have to do with any of this?
03/04/06 :::: Taj:
Hey Thay... I can't wait to talk to you again and again. I am so thankful that we found each other. You really make me happy in life. Take care of yourself for me. I hope we are together soon. I miss having the Brasilian desert that you make for me. :-)
Adrien Michael Jackson shall be the name of Tarylls son & he became born in february...
Royal was born in March. March 9th. Also there was a party for Mason. Courtney's son. I was at the party. Don't let a birthday cake fool you. Dee Dee was born in January. I sent her a card. Now, get rid of the rumors. Leave them alone.
Dee Dee's birthday is in March (born 2008). Breana confirmed this on her facebook page, with birthday cake to boot. Therefore, it's gonna be hard for me to believe the rest of what you said because you got that part wrong.
TJ was with Frances when Royal was born. They are both his parents. He has been knowing her for years. The child from her first marriage, Lexci, is dark. That does not make them not her children. She was expecting Dee Dee while they were getting married in June 2007. Dee Dee was born the second week of January. The new baby was just born in January. 2 days before Dee Dee's birthday. Do the math people! Personally, I just wish he had married someone younger or his age. She seems to have hooked him when he wasn't thinking. 4 years older than he is. I wish it was someone else. She is beginning to look like she could be his mother.
Just to clarify and add to my previous post--there is alot of talent in the Jackson family and I know that Janet is very successful but really none with that fire in the belly drive that MJ had.

I admire most of them - some of the grandkids, in my opinion, should probably look toward another career other than music.
@Anon from France

I understand what you are saying. I don't think there is anyone in that family with the drive and the committment that MJ had. MJ was a perfectionist and he knew exactly what he wanted and he worked very hard for it. Some would say too hard. I miss him every day.
3t never come back............ unfortunately..... jackson family doesnt have anymore someone who could be huge star like mj...... i always thought that taryll maybe would be the next but.......... if he doesnt do something now......... it wont happen.... and its not the fact that he has family... its because tha jackson family never want someone to open his talent and to do somthing except mj............. sorry my english suck...... a fan from france
sorry my english suck.......
LOL...this is what I'm talking about LOL. I don't understand why there is soooo much RESISTANCE to the idea that his son's mom could be Black lol...its Unbelievable lol
I personally don't see "Black" as a bad term. I use the term "Blacker" instead of "darker" in reference to skin tone and to emphasize my point that I believe whoever TJ's son mom is( and her name really is not important) I believe she has some Black heritage. I think that one thing was pointed out from everything I said as a means to "trivialize" my comment overall. I think there is at times a necessity to "trivialize" any information one doesn't care to hear no matter how much logic may be behind it lol. The reality of the matter is if you don't know who his son's mom is then how are you sure what her racial heritage is and that racial heritage is not Black lol.
LOL @ Anon...yeah its funny to me too but when I say that his son is "Blacker" than him I mean in terms of skin tone. I only say that with the point being that based upon the way his son looks, it is unlkely that his son's mom is White, Asian or White or Asian Indian Hispanic/Latina. Although I use the term Hispanic, I don't like to use the word Hispanic, I'm only using it for descriptive purposes because it is considered to be derogatory term to some.
Nevertheless, I differentiate between White and Asian Indian "Hispanic" because they are some "Hispanics" that are mixed primarily with White(Spanish) and Asian Indian and some like those in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic that are mixed with White, Asian Indian and Black African.
Even if his son's mom is "Hispanic" she more than likely would be an "Hispanic" with some Black heritage.
@Anonymous LOL...its interesting how now you want them "to come out with another album so people can get off their private lives" . But of course, now you want to change the subject and move on to something else and yet people have been posting "BS" information on this website all this time and " getting off their private lives" was never mentioned by you before...until now lol... But I'm not surprised lol...its always a good idea to name call (I'm stupid talking BS lol) when you have nothing constructive or productive to say and change the subject when information that is obvious and that actually makes sense is mentioned lol.
I don't know who to believe here, and honestly all this back and forth is not helping. Although, I have to say I got a chuckle out of the description that Royal is blacker than TJ. Uhm, TJ is black so why wouldn't his son be black? That still doesn't tell me anything about who his mother is. I was just curious to know about Royal and his mother, given that TJ felt the need to hide the fact that he had a son. I'm going to guess it was just because he was too young. He was what, 21, when Royal was born? Anyway, all the posts here are really amusing. :-)
Ah but of course BS is always recognizable to BSers lol. Btw is that why you're anonymous lol because you're too much of a genius to falsify a name or you are too scared that if you talk too much people will be able to match your real name to your incredible ingenuity lol.
Yeah genetics is complex but you don't have to be a geneticist or in your case a genius to know that even in genetics just like a lot of other things, you CAN'T give what you do not have. In order for you to give something you must first possess it. Yes, TJ's son looks mixed to you I'm sure lol. You see for some people when they don't want to acknowledge the obvious they either deny the obvious or they change the subject, in some cases they do both lol. Yeah TJ son looks mixed alright just like a lot of Black people with BOTH parents Black lol,FYI he's not the only 3T that likes chocolate.. right TJ...eyewink lol
Lol @ Jennifer! Such an essay and the only thing that comes out of it is ... BS. And you have the nerve to talk about truth.
There have been pictures of TJ's wife with her daughter from October 2010 where she (TJ's wife) was clearly pregnant.
Besides, just because they didn't get married right after Royal's birth doesn't mean Frances is not the mother.
If you're really as smart as you want us to believe, you would know that genetics is really complicated especially when it involves people who are already mixed. It's not all black or all white. Skin tone doesn't mean anything and honestly TJ's son doesn't look black to me, he looks like a regular mixed little boy. TJ himself is darker than his two brothers does it mean Tito is not their father?
Well, why am I even typing all this? All I do is entertaining your stupidity and I don't want to give you this favor.
Seriously, I really wish 3t could release a single or make a big announcement about their career for people to have something to talk about. All this nonsense about their privates lives has to stop. It's getting annoying.
Its unbelievable and pathetic how you people feel the need to constantly make up a series of lies.... I mean really look at all the inconsistencies written on here. Some of you are talking about HIV and others of you are talking about folks being pregnant with baby # 2. What is pathetic is that some of you obviously have nothing better to do than to story tell lol. Someone is obviously is LYING...for example, why would ANY woman have a baby from someone that at least one of you says has HIV lol. Someone is telling a SERIOUS, MAJOR LIE lol.
Then another one of you said that TJ's wife just had another baby...when was she pregant ? I mean really, some of you were proclaiming that she had a baby since December of 2010 lol...if she had a baby in December or even last month in January that would mean she would have been at least 3 or 4 months pregnant in June of last year 2010 when the guys went to Hawaii with Michael's kids. That means she would have obviously been "showing" in June of last year during that time in order for the baby to have been born in December or January of this year, not unless the baby is severely premature, since it usually takes roughly 40 wks gestation for a one to have a full term baby. Btw, have you seen the baby? who does the baby look like since you want to tell the world that he just had another baby.
And then someone says that TJ's son Royal biological mother is Frances, wasn't his son already born(and a couple of years old might I add) before him and Frances were married? Furthermore if you look closely at his son it is more likely than not that Royal's mom is at the very least mixed or just all Black at the most. I mean honestly his son is "Blacker" than he is lol...that doesn't come by osmosis, chances are he inherited it from his mother that more than likely is BLACK...anyone with eyes and a brain in their cranium can see that, and there is NOTHING wrong with that...so why act like if his mother IS Black it has to be hidden. The reality is Taj, Taryll and TJ have Black blood on BOTH SIDES of their family. FYI their mother, (God rest her soul) was from the Dominican Republic but racially she was BLACK, just like the vast majority of people in the Dominican Republic...in case you never knew, the Dominican Republic is a country, a nation, just like America, Puerto Rico or any other country or nation and Dominican is a NATIONALITY, its not a race. So just like America that has people of different races, but the nationality of the races is American, many people in the Dominican Republic are racially Black (people whose heritage comes from Africa, just like all the other Black people across the world). 3T's mom is just like many people in the Dominican Republic that are racially mixed but has a significant Black African heritage. In fact, if you look at their mom one can see the Black within her, in fact I haven't met a Black person yet that has seen Taryll's, Taj and TJ's mother has ANYTHING but Black...not one. The point is, even if TJ's son's mother is Black...SO WHAT, there is nothing wrong with him getting with a Black girl, which as evidenced by his son that is what he obviously did...when in reality BLACK is in blood on BOTH SIDES of his family. What is the BIG DEAL... and if its no BIG DEAL and there is nothing wrong with it then why hide it?
It is obvious the "storytelling" on here is a cry for a life of one's own, from the reports of HIV, to the reports of a restraining order, to the reports of someone having "baby # 2" from someone that someone else says is HIV positive....The "storytelling" or shall I say lies is UNBELIEVABLE.
From my point of view, if you can't come on here or anywhere else for that matter and speak the truth because you DON'T know what the truth is do EVERYONE a favor and DON'T say anything at all.
Does anyone know what TJ and Frances named their new baby girl? I'll bet she's a cutie like Dee Dee. :o)
@ Anon, Frances is the mother of Royal. The oldest is Lexi, TJ adopted her then there is Royal, baby Dee Dee named after TJ's mother who was murdered and finally the baby girl Frances just had. So there are 4 kids altogether. As for Taryll and Breana, they have a son named Bryce and she is currently preggers with baby number 2. And Taj of course doesn't have any children.
Who is the mother of TJ's son, Royal?
And one more thing while I don't care about their sexuality I do care about their well being so Taryll if you are reading this please take care of yourself true or not...I've always believed that health is wealth.
That being said I too am happy if they are happy. I will always love them and support them in their endeavors and I too miss them as well. Nevertheless I understand if things are still emotionally upsetting so taking some time away is for me understandable....things are still painful for me and I'm not family so I can only imagine for them...
Hahaha...well as for me it wouldn't matter what their sexuality may or may not be. I don't think they should have to explain anything regarding their sexuality not unless that person is someone they are sleeping with lol....I mean... really how many people go around with a sign across their forehead proclaiming what their sexuality is....

I agree with you. What's funny is if they didn't have girlfriends, wives, partners and children then someone would come along and start a rumor about them being gay, etc. SMH!

I'm happy if they're happy. They have lovely partners and growing families (in TJ and Tarlly's case) and I wish them all the happiness.

I would, however, love more music from them! :o)
You know what I cannot understand with 3T being nearly 40 years - yes nearly 40 years of age - that people dont expect them to be having families, girlfriends and partners etc. Its just crazy. PS I know 3T are NOT 40 years of age yet - but I will get a barrage of hate saying "leave 3t alone they are not 40 years of age but they are approaching that age" LOL
Taryll is not HIV positive. He and Breana are expecting their second child very soon. Yes it's true Breana is pregnant again. To some of you silly ass fans, please don't post crap about this not being true. When the information started surfacing about Taryll's first son Bryce, some of you silly ass fans called it a flat out lie. Well we all know now that the little tike exist and is for real. Taryll is going to be a daddy for the second time.
You need to open your eyes about this clones she uses taj for his name "JACKSON" that's all.
What Happened To 3t??
Thayana she hates Breana!!!
What Happened To 3t??

i so agree with ya.

Some Peps seem to be very bored or have a bad life to spread so many false things.
To tell so many lies, i mean how sick is that.

Rumors doesn't mean anything unless you give it a meaning

taryll didnt give it a meaning...
we did with our comments against her.....so...
ignore her....

http://theview.abc.go.com/ This is the ONLY show Barbara Walters does and I don't see Taryll scheduled to appear on the 17th as you claim you freakin liar!
And another thing you say you want him 'to take responsibility or that he MUST take action' what do you mean by that? What do YOU want him to do even if what you say is true...I for one would just like to know what you objective is ....
Okay Tia if what you say is even remotely true what made you decide to tell this information to the public?
Your statements are not believeable. You say you are not doing it out of spite or malice and yet you have repeated the same gossip ad nauseum. You have been replied to repeatedly asking you to stop spreading this and you insist.

The truth of the matter is, IT IS SIMPLY NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. What makes you think that you have a right to post this information on a public gossip board. If anyone wants the public to know, it should be Taryll and no one else.

Now will you once and for all STFU!

You have spewed your venom (even though we've told you we don't want to hear it) - no need to keep repeating it.
This is not being done out of malice or spite. It is true about Taryll Jackson being HIV positive. If this wasnt true I wouldnt be talking about it so much. I am just angry at the fact I am being attacked in such a vicious way - despite the fact this something that I would have no motivation to lie about.

I can understand the anger that fans may feel. Taryll Jackson is human like everyone else. He has made a dangerous choice which now has had profound consequences for those closest to him. One has to accept the truth about Taryll Jackson.
omg this girl is totally crazy!!!

come on TIA! admit it.....you will NEVER be tarylls girlfriend....!!!

from the moment mj died a lot of fans of jackson family and from 3t became crazy fanatic and jealous!!!


I wish there was an ignore button! NO ONE BELIEVES YOU, IDIOT!! If we ignore her, she will go away.
Taryll Jackson needs to recognise and accept his situation. Its not just about him, there are other peoples lives that are affected. He may have little regard for his own life, but when affects others - he MUST take responsibility for his actions.
she posted comments only here...she cant post something somewhere else like twitter cause she said lie....all the time....
Tia, why are you putting this information (true or not) on this web page in the first place? Maybe you've had a personal relationship with Taryll and now you are bitter...at least that's what it seems to me. I just don't understand what your vendetta against him is about. What has he done to you that you feel the need to slander in this manner. FYI, whoever "Tia" is I really do this person is someone Taryll knows and someone that knows him because I really don't believe a stranger would have the motive or the desire to put this information (true or not) on a web page....now I just wonder who you REALLY ARE ????
Barbara Walters doesn't have her own show idiot, she is on the View but not by herself. Give it up!
Taryll Jackson will be going on the Barbara Walters show on January 17th to talk about being HiV positive
Tia, give up with your hateful dumb ass, no one believes you anyways!!
At the end of the day it does not change Tarylls health condition.
most of the info here is just coz of jealousy and hate well 3t does owe you anything some of u think celebrities have the perfect lives well celebrity is just a status that never shields u from pain and sadness and some of you think taryll ,taj or tj owe u a date or a relationship give them a break they are only human let them live their lives they are good people who dont deserve what you are doing to the nobody deserve this loving people feels better you hating will always leave you empty and tia you should be sued seems like you have the biggest crush on these guys get over it TAJ ,TARYLL AND TJ ARE GOOD PEOPLE THAT ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW
someone who cares for 3t
I meant "that being said".
Believe what Teddy Riley says is true has nothing to do with being a fan. That said, this Tia girl is totally crazy and disrespectful. I really hope someone tells Taryll about this. I understand sharing gossip and stuff but there are some boundaries which shouldn't be crossed and this is one of them. Tia, girl, you went too far.
Seriously Tia! You obviously have some problems with Taryll!! What is it? Why are you so desperately wanting to talk about it and trying to convince everyone that he is sick? Even **IIIIFFFFF** he was, WHY are you doing this? If you're a fan (which I doubt you are) you should respect it and dont talk about it like he is a criminal or something!! o.O
And I SO hope he doesn't say a word about it because it is anyone businessssssss, it is a disrespect and BS!!!
And Tia, your attitude makes me think you are one of those Teddy Riley a$$ kisser because you totally sound like a jealous person who wants to (try) to make Taryll's life miserable! Or maybe you are some jealous girl he rejected!!
3T fan
you know what you need to do?

is hush up with these lies.... you just don`t give up do you?? geez, i`m getting bored now! and i`m sure there`s others who are bored also with this mess!!! STOP with this crazy lies and tell the truth... that either you have been lying or giveing out some sick joke. that`s not funny anymore... WAIT it wasn`t funny to begin with, it`s a shame that you have to do this to get some attention! go do something else! LEAVE TARYLL ALONE!! AND LEAVE HIS FAMILY ALONE!! they have enough to DEAL with and now They/Taryll have to put up with your mess of lies that your putting out there on him!! you think your funny huh? will guess what your NOT!! and i`m tired of me and other`s asking you question`s and you not answering them if you knew the answer`s you would be telling us them, BUT YOU DON`T! ENOUGH!!! CAN WE CHANGE THE SUBJECT NOW!!!
babygirl {J}

It is a distressing time for Taryll and the rest of the Jackson family. Sooner or later they will talk
someone who is close to Taryll about all these rumors, hopefully it works. We'll see in the future if he makes a post about it!
You know what its better to accept the truth than to argue all the time. It is possible for ANYONE to catch the HIV virus. The fact that Taryll has it is making people angry. Get educated about HIV. It does happen and can happen to anyone of us.

One more thing...

Ever since Michael died, suddenly some people seem to remember that 3t are related to him and have gone mad either spreading rumors or suddenly taking interest in them.

Where were you before Michael died?

And now you want to act like you know them all of a sudden?

If Michael hadn't died all these new rumors, would not be around and you know it.

Quit acting like parasites.

(Yes I realise this is more than 3 seconds, but I had a few more seconds to spare while multitasking before heading out to the sun.)


This is still going on?

First a restraining order and now HIV?

I just want to say that domestic violence and HIV are not something one would want to joke around about.
Nor is it your place to share/spread if it were true.

Fact is that both stories contradict other things.

I have no idea why I am even responding, guess my humane side has gotten the best of me.

Not going to hide behind any secret name., google me if you can be bothered. I know I can't be bothered spending any more than 3 more seconds to conclude this message.

Rumors are so boring.

Live life... that's what it's there for.

I'm off to enjoy the sun.

Be angry all you want but it wont change the facts!


i have to say something real quick.....
SHUT UP Tia, where is the proof?? and why are you not anwersing question`s, is it because you don`t have the answer`s ( oh wait i just answered it myself) YOU DON`T HAVE ANSWERS!!!! QUIT with the lie`s, Taryll does not need this mess from the likes of you who love to spread rumors!! that`s all you know how to do. give it up! LEAVE Taryll alone and LEAVE his family alone....
babygirl {J}
Oh For Gods Sake, Tia Just Give It Up Already!! No One Is Listening To Your Negativity. We Are All Bored Of You Now, I Think Your Just Enjoying The Attention By Annoying Everyone. You Keep Saying The Same Stuff But You Have No Proof Of Where Or When You Heard This, So Stop Posting Your Insulting And Disgusting Words Here. I Honestly Don't See You As A Fan, Your Someone Who In A Previous Comment Called Taryll A Disgusting Man. Take Your Unproven Rubbish Elsewhere Why Don't You?
Taryll needs to be honest with his fans and stop lying to them. Yes he is HIV positive. It must be devastating and traumatising but he must face up to the consequences of his promiscious lifestyle. Unfortunately the result of risky sexual behaviour has ended with him contracting HIV.
THANKS GOD! thank u Baby!!
just the right words I was looking for! thanku!
Angel (J)
@Tia... damz ur sick!!! get a life... besides even when this was the truth (what is not for sure) your not trough this trash out on the internet! ur not gonna share this with everyone! this shows only that u ask attention!! girl please get a life and leave the boys alone! specialy Taryll. he doesnt has this! where u get this information! damz girl ur realy sick to spread this trough the internet!!! also something that shows that u have no respect!
so dont go talk about respect girl(ru?)

and WHAHAHAHAH white trash... waay to funny the person who said this soo loud is as white as can be!!! hahaha ewl
Angel (J)

I am neither angry nor feel any hatred toward you and I swore I would not post here again regarding this information your chose to post about Taryll, but curiosity got the better of me.

My confusion or curiosity? Simply this...why would you choose to post this very private and very sensitive information on a gossip board? I mean really, do you have personal knowledge of this situation? Are you a friend? Are you doctor? Are you a reporter? I don't think you are any of the above because a friend would not betray another friend in this manner, i.e., by posting this personal information for all to see. You are not a doctor because a doctor would not breach confidentiality. You are not a reporter because a reporter would sell this information instead of posting it as "gossip" on this board.

So my question to you Tia is simply, why would you choose to do this here. Are you a fan? Or are you a hater?

And I ask this not to be facetious or sarcastic but just wondering what your motivation was in doing so. You obviously care some or you would not ask for understanding and support for the family. But don't you feel just a bit bad about posting this information which is so very private, true or not? If it is not true, then you are spreading vicious rumors and it if it true, than it is Taryll's truth, not yours.
Regardless of the anger and the outpouring of rage directed towards myself, Taryll is still living with this deadly disease so the least we can do is accept and show respect to the Jackson family, Taryll, Breana and Bryce.
I think most 3t fans are jealous bitches and usually white trash.
TIA'S LAST COMMENT:we should show some respect.



tia avoid to answer our questions

TIA go to find a boyfriend......get a life...

you are not taryll to talk for his life and his feelings! STOP IT NOW!
I dont think Taryll would like to know that fans are fighting each other. Out of respect for one another and to Taryll we should show some respect.
ok i noticed that you can do comments without register....mmmm..so everyone can come here and say everything ..... and say rumors.......mmmm...... tia? why you dont tell us who told you that? i think that you lie

i agreed with them who suggest to IGNORE all the haters of jackson family!
Tia stop looking for attention and posting things that aren't true, obviously you aren't a fan if your posting such negative, hateful and NASTY rumors!! Taryll does NOT have the HIV Virus. Even if he did, in which he doesn't it would be his business not ours.
@jana dont do it that! she lie!
tia u dont answer in our questions!
you lie! ofcourse we support him during the bad and the good....just its pity to say bad things for someone......without proofs come on give us.....you are very bad person......you continued all this without proofs! you suck!
I too have heard the news about Taryll and am devastated but my thoughts and prayers are with the Jackson family at this upsetting time. Can I just say at 3T Fans United we are so sorry about Taryll.
Jana (3T Fans United Founder)
To the haters:

At the end of the day celebrities are RARELY what they portray in their work - in this case Taryll is a totally different person from his public persona. Hence people must realise that the way a person lives their lifestyle may not be the fairytale lifestyle that fans expect. Being HIV positive is not the end of the world, but it does shed some light on one's personal private life. We do make choices about how we conduct ourselves so if one choses to be indulgent without any thought of the consequences then one MUST be able to sit back and reflect. It is a devastating time for Mr Jackson - I can understand. I also realise that fans want to believe the doesnt have an adult life outside his music but he does fans. I know its not nice to hear one of our favourite Jacksons has been struck down with the HIV virus. Right now the Jacksons need a lot of support.
Please don't do this. Please don't post this kind of information about Taryll. It is so very disrespectful. I don't for one moment believe this to be true but if it were, only one person has the right to disclose the information and that would be Taryll himself.

What gives you the right to post something so private and intrusive about a person on a gossip board. Even though he is an entertainer and a public figure, he only owes us, the public, entertainment in the form of his music.

He is extremely talented and very private. I am sure if he knew this was being posted on a gossip board he and his family would be very hurt. Think about this before you post such intrusive gossip.
@TIA What about your loyalty? You dont look to me as a fan who support him during the bad...



your crazy!!! what proof do you have on all this that you are talking about?! about taryll... sorry but i don`t support the bad unless it`s true! and this is NOT TRUE, i support taryll and his family 100% and this rumor is nonsince, show us PROOF!!! do you even have proof? hmmm! Probably NOT! Stop with your mess and leave Taryll and his family alone!
Again to those of you who are angry at the news. It is TRUE. Taryll Jackson is HIV positive. It can be upseting to hear such news but he is HIV positive. To those of you who call yourself fans only want to support during the good. Well show your loyalty in supporting the bad.
Taryll is not and I repeat IS NOT HIV Positive.... you should be ashamed of yourself to even say that, especially with HIV being as serious as it is!!! And for those of you who believe that nonsense, shame on you as well!
Yes I would like to know what his response to the whole thing is as well, what's his attitude to it. I mean has it changed his lifestyle any and if so in what way?
I can understand people's shock of hearing such news about Taryll. But slating the poster isnt going to change the outcome of what Taryll Jackson has. At the end of the day he is still HIV positive.
Yes if its true it is so sad. Btw, Tia, how is Taryll, his dad and his brothers taking it? How are they coping overall?
Just wondering
damz whats is this for kind of site,,.. :S
u know what disgusting is! you people here who are spreading rumors! LIES! ALL LIES!
Tia what the hell are you talking about? u better go find a docter who can check you! cuz what you are telling now at the moment, thats just disgusting! ewl! I cant believe that there are still people living on this earth who can do such things! destroying someones lifes... u dont know nothing about the boys or even their girlfriends!!!
if I read this everything its all based on jalousy! just start talking about the boys when you know the facts! and till now on I still dont see some real things! I'm one of the angels who standing united for the boys and fight for them! and I'm glad to know that THEY know that there are still people who support them and dont telling lies about them. this site is just disgustinG! ewl, I'm soo disapointed in such humans! :S
you dont know how much hurt them this shit?! they sees. hear and read everything.
Angel (J)
Ok, This Site Is Full Of BS!! Half The Stuff Written Here Is Either Untrue Or Completely Made Up. Don't You Realise That What Some Of You Are Writting Is Hurtful And Disrespectful. I Am Sickened By Some Of The Crap On Here, GET A LIFE!! Stop Messing Around With Other Peoples Lives. I Actually Think It's Sad That You Have To Make Up Lies For Your Own Entertainment. PLEASE STOP!! Do You Live With The Jacksons? Have You Witnessed All This Stuff? And Even If Some Of It Is True, What Business Is It Of Ours To Tell Everyone? It's Not Fair To Treat Good People This Way. Sorry, But That's Just How I Feel.
The family have known since the end of last year. Its so so sad. I can understand why people are upset because they dont want to hear something like that. But Its very sad. The passing of Mj then the news of Taryll being HIV positive.
Of course Taryll is going to deny he is HIV positive. He is NOT going to admit he is a disgusting man is he???
Btw, how long has the family known?
Wow!!! I've been crying all day...and I'm still crying...no matter what any one says Tia, I believe you....it explains some things. It hurts soooo much to even phantom the idea but I BELIEVE YOU. ...Wow that is devastating. I can't stop crying. Regardless I still Love him and will always support him but I believe it.
I Believe You
Can You Be Anymore Idiotic, How In The World Can You Write Insane Stuff Like This, STOP making up LIES....
This Is Not Funny! It`s Stupid And Disgusting, This Site Has Become Riduculous!!!
ok, all u who starting rumors here...
I donít know them personally but I speak a lot with one of them and also with one of their friends(I'm not going to say names...) and also very often contact with the triplets.
but I just wanted to tell you, first of all why are people start about HIV? where did you got this info!? I'm sorry, not true.
Why the hell you got the info about Thayana she hates Breana! :S and etc. thatís just idiot, I know Thayana loves Taj a lot! and her sister got BF too! and they are all 3 very in love! She/they are very kind and down to earth, but unfortunately some people want take advantage of that kind of people, and set them in a bad daylight.
And about Frances, so what if she is pregnant again, I know we all love the boys! But some people here are just way to much obsessed! And he there is no black nor white, we are all different races and there is a lot! And check Thayana she is Brazilian! Itís not black but also not white!
I know I canít stop these rumors, I just try to get those lies out of the world and tell you guys what I do know. Also Jane From 3T Fans United is speaking the truth just take a look on her community site!
Taryll is HIV positive. Yep the family have been trying to keep it concealed for some time. But an ex of Tarylls who is also HIV positive is set to reveal all in a new book that will be released in early 2011. The family are shocked and devastated and are trying to deal with things the best way they can.
Its a observation really. I have just gone on youtube and seen pics of the 3rd generation of the Jacksons - this includes Tj and Tarylls children. One thing I have noticed is that the African American featrues of the 3rd Generation of Jackson i.e 3T etc seem to be disappearing. They seem to choose predominantly white and hispanic partners for relationships. Not my business I realise that, I am not bothered either. But 3T do have Black Fans believe it or not. I would like to know what images and stereotypes of black women they have picked up in their lives. I know they have been privately educated, etc and had the best - so have I and come from a good background. But that would NOT make me distance myself from my own race. Yes I do date interracially but I cant understand how 3T seem to think be brainwashed into thinking that Black women are not good enough unless they come from a modelling background or preppy background. It saddnes me because it makes me wonder what they are going to education children about their children about their backgrounds - espeically when they are half black themselves. It appears they are willing to deny that part of themselves - I wonder why. Mixed isnt always better, just like dark skin dark is always ugly. Its just something I put other there.
LOL. "Genevive", poor girl, you can't even spell your own name.
I am disgusted at the way some of you so called fans are attacking my cousins. We are a family and it hurts. I would like to ask those of you who do have conscience to be respectful and not right such hurtful things about my family. Yes this is the real Genevive Jackson.
Genevive Jackson
Yes, TJ's wife had 2 children from a prior relationship. She is pregnant with baby #5.
did you know thayanna the little slut of taj hate breana... Omg!! she wanted to have taryll too for her stupid clones sisters IMAO

Go in hell thayanna Sco
this is all crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's disgusting what some Peps do here, shame on you !
They deserve a private Life and what they do in private Life it's not our business.
Instead of stalking them you maybe should get an own Life.
Gosh how disgusting.

True Love
I really dont think they could be reading this lol. I think they have more important things to do IMO!
But just in case, I dont think it's cool to talk about their private lives, seriously! =\
I have a hard time believing in this "I KNOW THIS AND THAT" because if you really did, you wouldn't be talking about it in a website, would ya? I know I wouldnt!
StuckonTJ (3T Fans United)
Your just upset you aren't clever enough to think of doing such a thing, she is married to a celebrity, it's bound to happen and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done it....
Shame on you for lying. Leave the woman alone!
In case you're wondering, I lied to her about moving there and looking for a trainer, I only emailed her to see what type of response I would get and that was what she wrote me back.... So with her responding to my email the way she did I don't believe what anyone else says but her with that email.
Interesting. Well I am positive her stomach was flat when I saw her. No baby bump or anything. That was some time ago so if she was indeed pregnant I would think she'd have a baby bump by now. I guess time will tell and I will definitely be paying attention the next time I see her.
This is the actual email she sent me, so there is my proof!!


Hi Jane,

The personal training is done in my home. However, due to my pregnancy I am currently taking a break from the one on one training. I do still teach the boot camp classes 3 times a week. Please let me know if you are interested or have any other questions. Have a great day!


Get Fit Corona
(951) 907-9713

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: I need a trainer...
From: "Ludora J. Volner" <**********@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, September 15, 2010 8:31 am
To: Frances@GetFitCorona.com

Hello, I will be moving to the Corona area and was wondering if you still do the training? On the website it says in home gym, will the training be in your home, my home or at a gym? Sorry I'm a little confused on that part lol. Thank you for your time.

Frances and Breana are both pregnant!!!
So she can't do personal training but she can do 5k runs??? And she has been advertising her bootcamp and adding more classes.
@Jane Really?? When did you get the email because I just saw her last week and she didn't look pregnant at all and she just did a 5k run a few weeks ago and didn't look pregnant either. Please stop lying.
why Lexci's brother claiming TJ as his parent on facebook? Did TJ adopt him too?
I can confirm that Taryll and Breana are expecting their second child. I have an email that will confirm this. So please no more bitchy rumours. I am sure it would break their hearts to know what fans are saying about them. Jane you are absolutely right, people should be truthful and not spread rumours.
Hey guys,
don't spread rumors bout the guys unless you are with them everyday then don't post what it is not true 3T are normal ppl like everyone else and if want to share it with fans they will so chill out and speak only the truth i'm sure they see these things and it breaks their hearts to see what fans are saying about them.
Sorry but yes, she is pregnant again, I have an email of her telling me she is herself...... Why dont you go to her site GetFitCorona.com and tell her you need a personal trainer and she replies back "due to my pregnancy I am not doing one on one traing but am still doing the boot camp".... hmmm sounds pregnant to me. And yes I think I'll ask Taj to visit this site too, lots and lots of BS going on here!
PS : i forgot
I'll ask Taj if he knows HoneyDipp, i'm curious about that too. :) And i guess it will be interesting to him to visit the site here :)
( obviously some peps write a lot sh*t here )

Greets, Jana
Jana ( 3T Fans United )
Hey there.

i personally think it's not our buisness what 3T do in their private Lifes.

3T Fans United is a Community for Fans, not really a Fanclub. It's more like a Platform for Fans to meet and to get Infos and Stuff. And as far as i know Taj and Tj really like it :)
( Taryll is not online that much so i cant say about him )
I had the 3T Fanclub Germany Years ago and met Taj in Berlin 2005. :) and i built up 3T Fans United almost 2 years ago.
As far as i can say, 3T are very thankful for the Support and dont take this for granted.

They have a lot to do, busy, with several Projects, writing and being in the Studio. :) and of course they have their families too.

Everyone has a right for an own opinion and of course you don't have to agree with everything 3T do or say ( of course i also dont agree with everything ) But you can say it in an respectful way. right ? :)

Greets and have a nice Day. Jana
Jana ( 3T Fans United )
Hi HoneyDipp how are you? Hope all is well. I just wanted to ask

What do 3t think of the fanclubs that are run in their honour? i.e 3T Fans united?

How do they manage the work/life balance? women do it all the time, but I would like to know how do they balance spending quality time with the children and focussing on their careers?
HONEYDIPP do you know them personally? Jus curious...
Jane is spot on.
Yep I'm back.... I left out info about TJ, Frances has a daughter from a previous relationship before TJ and TJ adopted her, Frances is also currently preggers with baby number 4. And yes, the boys will have a new album out VERY soon!!!
Case closed :)

Oh and according to TJ and Taj, they(3t) will be coming with something new soon...

In human time not in 3t time(check Taj's twitter to see what that means).

So I guess you could say that film(Taj) and music(The three of them), is what they are currently up to, next to simply living life ofcourse :).

I agree with Jane, some of you are quite nutts, get that sorted...

"Anonymous", I predict that you're the type that Taryll will probably need to issue a restraining order against, you're quite a dillusional piece of work....
thayanna is not actress she's just the bitche of taj A Big Shit.

i hate this clone unfortunately she's engaged with taj now.

Maybe he like to sleep with 3 girls in his bed!
Maybe he like to have 3 girls to suck him

Who Knows LOL
Omg you all are nuts!!! I know the boys and you all have it half right!! I have pics of TJ's wife Frances, yes they ARE married and have 2 children, Royal and DeeDee after his mom of course. Taryll does have a son named Bryce, I have a picture of him too, and he is NOT married to Breana, they are still currently dating. As for Taj, he has no children and is dating a brazilian actress who happens to be a triplet from the group named T-Rio. The names from this, the T is because their names all start with T's, Rio is because of Brazil and T-Rio is because they are triplets, get it... trio?? I dont know how to post pics up on here but I do have them!!
Breana has taken a restraining order against Taryll and filed charges against him, because there have been times when Taryll has gotten into physical altercations with Breana. Breana states she has been terrified at times.
Taryll and Breana tied the knot in July 2008. They have a son named Bryce. Breana Cabral is an event party planner. TJ married Royal's mom after the discovery she was going to have his second child, Dee Dee. She had another child, Lexci (Nickname) while in h.s. and then married the father whose last name is Mack. Taj is with one of the group members of T-Rio.
A 3t update
I think this is the info you've all been looking for:

Taj is dating some one of the triplets from the band Trio. Don't have any kids.
Taryll is dating a party planner called Breana Cabral. They have a son call Bryce who is almost 2 years.
TJ is married to Frances Jackson (was Casey). She runs a boot camp in Corona called Get Fit Corona. She has a child called Lexci from a previous relationship. They have a son called Royal(ty) and a daughter called Dee Dee together. Royal was born about 10 years ago however they tied the knot in 2007.
3t fan
TJ is idd married, to Frances, but there are no pictures online. And he has a son, named Royal.
i read that he has a child i would like to know if that is true, please
On AETV (the american cable channel that is hosting the jackson family reality show) you can see this video clip of 3T, Tito and TJ's son Royal :
Old School 3T Fan
All this crap is really funny. I have 3 kids Lexci who TJ adopted, Royal is his, and he and I both had Dee Dee together. Since I'll be leaving him soon, it all doesn't matter.
hey do you know what the title is of the clip with tj and his son on ET online becasue i can't find it??Please ;)
3t are fit as anything and so is there dad and there uncle call me warped but i would do them all lol
Tj wife has a boot camp name "Get Fit Corona", he has two facebook pages and in one them there is the picture of his wife Frances which also appears on the "Get fit Corona" contact us link on the web site- she is a personal trainer mother of three.
You ask for it.
It is True that TJ has A Son named Royal This was Comfirmed due to Entertainment Tonight having Tito & his 23 Sons Taj ,TJ, & Taryll on TV forA Interview on The Jacksons & The New Reality TV Show & In the Interview They Indeed Showed Tito w/ his Grandson Royal playing & they were on A boat Fishing & TJ had his Son & they were Fishing & having fun .

If you all don't Believe me Head to
1. www.etonline.com
2. Click on The Michael Jackson Investigation Link in Black
3. Scroll down to the numbers at the bottom
4. you may have to scroll through a few pages to get to the Interview but That last I've seen it was On TV on ET & Online @ ETONLINE.COM it may not be up anymore but from what I've seen It was there A few days ago just Scroll through the pages & see if you can find it .

But it is true that TJ has A Son Named Royal , All these other 3t fan pages like TNG Fanclub try to hide this shit But its out & in the open & ET has the Interview to Prove that TJ do have A Son .
Tj is married with 2 kids..Royal and Dee Dee.
Taj is dating a girl from T-rio (5years).
Taryll has a son, Jaiden, and is on/off again dating the mother, Breana
all i know is that 3T is frinkin sexy
and hope they do a last tour to australia.....
azeza ramzan
Does anyone know the identity of tj's wife and who is tyrall dating and does he have any kids?
miss m
well i 4 1 am truely disappointed to hear that TJ jas married and reproduced! WITHOUT ME! how dare he? I promised myself to him since i was 12, and he'd gone off and married some next girl? the nerve of the boy! any way thinking about it he is getting old so...

no happy for him an't wait to c pictures of his little boy. still llooking for them!

If you like me miss 3t, go on youtube and check out some of their videos thats how i been getting by lately
tj married june/july 07 and has a son royal in 2000. he married royals mother..... all top secret apparently :s
Tj got married two weeks ago with the mother of his son royal..but michael jacksons missed the show because he is afraid of going out of his house (he doesn't live at neverland anymore!!!!)
the name of tj's son is Royal
tj has the son and taj is dating one of members from T-rio.
3T have an album called identity which was released in 2005 in Europe: Holland/France/Germany but not England...I guess the Papparazzi is too much for them here. They are currently working on a reality series to be aired in 2006 in spring in the usa, (trying to break the states. ) Taj has a kid and a taryll is dating a rnb singer, Tj is single
Actually, their mother's body was found drowned in their swimming pool a few years ago and I think they are still comming to terms with it. They are due to relase a new album in 2005.

All are settled down with their girlfriends in the states.

Scottie Stockholm
3T have just released their brand new album 'Identity' in France, the Netherlands and Belgium and are heading over to the UK very soon!
they're hiding in france!! ive just come back from spending time there and 3t are never off the french telly...all the frenchies love them!
After the release of their debut album release brotherhood a new album was in the works set for a 1998 release titled "De Ja Vu". Signed to uncle Michael's MJJ Productions music label at the time and the album's release never eventuated. The three T's had also successfully completed bachelors at college prior to their initial success with their brotherhood album.
johnny jackson
i heard they're still really big in some parts of europe, they just havent released anything in britain or america for years
i can remember 3t ,i heard 2 of them have setted down
that is a load of crap about one of them with a 46yr old man
"I heard that one of them settled down with a 46 year old man, and the other two havent been seen for years. Except one source has said that they have been sighted at the showing jurassic park 3, what a thing to miss!!"
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