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Errr.... Who? English girl-group

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settle down carolyn... AK were not that big outside of the UK!
louise has just starred in a new uk film called LIFE AND LYRICS with asher d
dave baker
The 5th member Louise Rose turned up in Eastenders a few years back, as some lady Gery Hobbs was trying to pull
Anya is now an actress and has just finished her second feature film. Sophie is working at CBBC and Jenny is about to release her solo material following her massive success in AK.
Jenny - joined Atomic Kitten, now going solo. Sophie - presents on CBBC. Anya - model, dates Duncan from Blue. Louise - starred in Sky One's "Dream Team" Kali - session singer, and toured as background singer for Dido
anya is now a formula one pit girl and is dating duncan from blue
sophie is now a presenter on cbbc
"Jenny became Kerry Katona's replacement in Liverpudlian girl band Atomic Kitten and is enjoying Number One success all over the world, the jammy cow!!!!"
"even though member jenny frost is now in atomic kitten PRECIOUS WERE DROPPED BEFORE SHE WENT INTO ATOMIC KITTEN.their last single 'new beggining' only made number 50 and their album diddnt even make the top 100 chart.their biggest successes were 'Rewind' number 11,'Its gonna be my way number 27,and 'Say it again' number -6."
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