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Errr.... Who? Sang "Barbie girl" and "Turn back time"

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Contrary to popular belief Lene is not the women in ToyBox. She went on to a solo career. ToyBox , in my opinion , is just a carbon copy of Aqua. (i dislike them)
I'm from denmark so i know what happened. Lene and Søren is together. Søren made a band with his nephew "Hej Matematik" (Hey Math) then about 3 years ago they all got back together and made the song (back to the 80's) it was a huge hit in Denmark. they're still a band now and they still call them Aqua
Although Aqua released a follow-up album in 2000, Aquarius, the success from its debut just didn’t translate. With the exception of the single “Cartoon Heroes,” the catchiness and upbeat lyrics that previously gained the Danish band fame just weren’t there.

So what happened to the group that got its name from a poster featuring an aquarium? It simply called it quits.

In early 2001, Aqua announced it would be taking an extended recording “break.” Claus, Lene, Rene and Søren went their separate ways, but remained in the music business.

Lene and Rene pursued solo careers, but like a lot of musicians who leave popular groups, things did not work out so well. So it was no surprise when Rene did not achieve the success he expected. Lene’s career didn’t really take off either, as she married former band-member Søren and took several months off.

But eventually, the band’s female member achieved some fame. She has her own website (www.lenemusic.com), and has successfully released her own album, Play With Me.

She appeared on the cover of FHM, accompanied by an interview. The interview was pretty much a collage of revealing photos overlayed by bits of strategically-placed text. And, somewhere between 2000 and the FHM appearance, Lene’s breasts significantly increased in size. Late puberty, perhaps?

Claus and Søren continue to write and produce music for Lene and other Danish stars. The foursome seem content, and uphold the fact that the break was a mutual split and there aren’t any hard feelings. So if you’re hoping for a song about the latest plastic doll, you’ll probably have to look to another band to produce it, as it doesn’t seem Aqua will return any time soon.
I heard they crashed on air and dead tell truth please
aqua lene, solo artist lolly? is it the same person?
I heard that Aqua is the same group as "Toy-Box"........ who knows though :P
oki i think she is pregnant now with her new husband
I herd lene took an overdose but i dont think she did coz they made more songs aftewards. DO u think they will ever get back together
Amy, Emma & Holy
After trying a solo career, Lene the lead singer turned her hand to writing pop songs for other groups, writing No Good Advice and You Freak Me Out for Girls Aloud's first album Sound of the Underground. No Good Advice was a huge hit, and cemented Girls Aloud into mainstream pop, while You Freak Me Out went on to feature in the Disney movie Freaky Friday. Meanwhile, Pretty Young Thing was covered by Tina Cousins, and Here We Go (Lene's Version) was covered by Girls Aloud on their second album What Will The Neighbours Say?.
I heard that the lead singers lene and rene' (the bald one) broke up and couldn't work together with out fighting

lene couldn't hv killed her self shortly after barbi girl because 1. they made more songs after that & 2. she is still alive!

i heard they got sued by Mattel for the Barbie Girl song.
The two musicians are now musicproducers in Denmark, the girl is married to one of them, and still sings. The bald guy made an unpublished album and recently acted in a popular danish movie.
Lars Andersen
I actually heard that the woman in the band killed herself by an overtdose shortly after making barbie girl...
I know the lead singer of aqua was in the film Queen of the Damned. She features in the vampire guys band playing the keyboard
lene (lead singer woman) married the "wacky" red/green/whatever-colour-his-mum-told-him-to dye-his-hair guy
the lead singer lene wrote no good advice for girls aloud
now working in the local 7/11 stil humming the same sadisic tune hopeing 1 day they may return to give us more amazing catchy (no really freakin corny) pop songs
Rene now works in a bar on Oxford street
Edwin Jones
they r still 2 geva but in there home country i fink its sweden
i think she dumped all the guys in aqua and started a new group called toy box with one guy
The lead singer has just had a baby, the band are still siging in their native country.
The lead singer, the woman, has a solo alblum out now! It is not exactly rocketing off the shelves of record stores everywhere.
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