Things to do when you're bored

Life as a student can get boring - when you're studying, in a lecture, you've run out of money through excessive alcohol binging. Again, BAU has come to the rescue, serving up some things to do (hence the imaginative title) when you're bored. Oh yeah, and before you do anything from this page, please read our disclaimer, coz we don't want to get into the brown stuff on this one ;)

If you have interesting or funny things to do to reduce boredom, please submit them here.

What do you do when you're bored? Watch TV? Paint your nails? What if you are stuck in class and your options are limited? Well, then you just need to get creative and stir up a little chaos! A day without laughter is a wasted day! Here are some funny suggestions to shake off boredom and cause a little ruckus! Have fun!

If you're really bored in a lesson contradict everything your teachers says, beginning with the words, 'But I read that.....' etc...

e.g. In Classics, if your teacher says that Alexander the Great was from Macedon, put your hand up and say that you read in a very reliable source that he was actually from a little town just outside Helsinki. When your teacher looks at you like you are absolutely crazy, shake your head and say 'Duhhhh' really loudly, rolling your eyes.

note: for this to be effective your contradiction must be as outrageous as possible. Consistency is also mandatory.

submitted by Roxy
Sit in class, stare straight ahead and try to develop psychic powers and then use them.
submitted by alex
If you still go to school, walk into a class that isn't yours and pretend that you know what it's about until, half way through, you walk out saying, "I've just realized this isn't my class!"
submitted by Tim
When you are sitting behind a random person, make sure you have some water in your hand, make a fake sneezing noise and throw the water at the back of their neck. When they confront you, deny it, blame it on the person sitting beside you, say "that was a good one, eh" or just look the other way.
submitted by Natalie
Put baby powder on tilea and put on some flat shoes and slide around
submitted by cadie&alicia
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