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A man with a stuttering problem tries everything he can to stop stuttering, but he doesn't succeed. Finally, he goes to a world-renowned doctor for help.

The doctor examines him and says, "I've found your problem. Your penis is 12 inches long. It weighs so much that it is pulling on your lungs, causing you to stutter."

"What's the cure, doctor?" asks the man.

"We have to cut off 6 inches," replies the doctor.

The man thinks about it and, eager to cure his stuttering, agrees to the operation.

The operation is a success, and the man stops stuttering. Two months later, he calls the doctor and tells him that since he had the 6 inches cut off, all of his girlfriends have dumped him, and his love life has gone down the tubes. He wants the doctor to operate to put the six inches back on. Not hearing anything on other end of the line, the man repeats himself, "Hey doc, didn't you hear me? I want my 6 inches back!"

Finally, the doctor responds, "F-f-f-f-f-f-uck Y-y-you!"

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