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Brian's wife goes into labour so he takes her to the hospital. When his wife starts giving birth, Brian begins to feel useless and starts bugging the midwife, trying to get her to let him do something.

"Alright, alright, Mr Davis. When the baby is born you may bath the baby"

This makes Brian feel a whole lot better and waits patiently for the little sprog to pop out. When it does, the midwife hands him the baby and says

"There you go Mr Davis, congratulations! I'm just going to fill in some paperwork then i'll be back to see how you're geting on - The bath is in that room there", pointing to the adjacent room.

So Brian takes the little one into the room and proceed to bath her. Abot 10 minutes later the midwife returns, and to her horror, sees Brian with two of his fingers up the baby's nose, swirling the baby in a figure of eight motion.

"You can't do that!!" says the midwife in total amazement.

"You bloody can..." explains Brian "...when the water's this hot!"

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