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An Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman were having their packed lunch on the building sites where they worked. The Englishman opened his lunchbox and said

"Cheese! Another cheese sandwich?! I've been working here for the past 8 years and all I have ever had for my lunch are cheese sandwiches! If I have it again tomorrow i'm going to kill myself!".

The other 2 men were slightly shocked by this, but never-the-less the Scotsman continued to eat his lunch. When he got to open his lunchbox, he saw he had ham sandwiches. Like the Englishman he explained how he was annoyed about having the same lunch for the past 8 years, and that he would kill himself if he had another ham sandwich tomorrow.

And yes, Paddy the Irishman also threatened to top himself if he had prawn sandwich tomorrow.

So, the next day came, and at lunch time the men opened their lunchboxes. The Englishman declared "Right that's it! Cheese again" and proceeded to throw himself into the nearest cement mixer. Then came the Scotsman. He opened up his lunchbox and, again, found 2 rounds of ham sandwiches. True to his word, he climbed to the top of a scaffold rig and threw himself off. Seeing this, the Irishman thought he had also kill himself if he had prawn sandwiches again. So, like before, he saw he had a prawn sandwich, and proceeded to commit suicide.

At the funeral for the 3 men, their wives started talking:

"I can't believe it" started the Englishman's wife "I always thought he liked cheese sandwiches."

"I know" said the Scotsman's wife "Jock never said anything about not liking ham sandwiches."

"It's terrible" exclaimed the Irishman's wife "Paddy always made his own sandwiches!"

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