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Hot Student Sean

What better way to cure boredom at university than to check out loads of hot students!

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yo yo yo! whats up nigga?
you're FINE!
holmes! whats been happening on the street. heard some homie has been hitting your mumma
your momma is a crackhead and your dad is a ho
sean likes it in the ass and will do anything for a c*ck in the throat.I once saw him pay a homeless guy to give the a hummer
sean has always liked men to let him play with thier balls
sean likes to rub little boys at the park
no harm but ur 1 MONG
irish chic
spose ya'd do 4 a 3sum
shelly n asho
Fatcatpete, ur my idol. lol Ur da bomb!! Funniest person i kno. :)

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"aah damn dis piece sexy rite hurr"

Sean's Stats...

Age: 17
From: soufsyde baby
Job: i wrk up N down ur ass

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