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Recycle stuff for cash

I am betting that you have at least one old mobile phone laying around not doing anything other than cluttering up the place? And you've definitely got a butt-load of CDs that you never listen to anymore, because everyone has! Or how about some DVDs that your aunt bought you last Christmas but you've never even watched, let alone like? Yeah, me too!

Well, you'll be glad to know that you can turn that mobile into cold, hard cash! Not only that, you will be doing your bit for the planet while you're at it!

Recycle Old Mobile Phones

I'm sure almost everyone in the country is exactly the same - you upgrade your contract or buy yourself a flashy new mobile phone and the one you have replaced is destined to gathering dust in a draw for the rest of eternity.

However, your old mobile is not as useless as you may now think as there are companies that will give you cash in exchange for it. "Why would they do that?" I hear you ask - quite simply, because they can either be recycled for their parts, or re-used in poorer countries around the world.

The amount these companies vary slightly between phones, so make sure you check out each one so you make the most money possible!


click here Despite them using Paul Daniels in their commercials, you should really give Mazuma a chance as they have been votes the UK's best mobile phone recycling company! Visit Mazuma!


Envirofone are the UK's leading mobile phone recycler, so probably a good idea to give them a quick look, yeah? Visit Envirofone!

Mobile Phone Xchange

MPX claim to always pay more than either Mazuma and Envirofone, so if it's cash you're after, they may be the best place to start. Visit Mobile Phone Xchange!

Recycle CDs and DVDs

Fear not - those CDs you bought years ago (which you still can't work out what possessed you to do so) are probably not as trash-worthy as you may think. So instead of just throwing them all out, why not trade them in for some spare cash?


MusicMagpie offers pretty good rates for even old, unpopular CDs, and their site is very easy to use - simply enter the barcode of your unwanted CD and you'll get a price for it instantly. You can post them for free too, so it's all profit! Visit MusicMagpie!

Want to download the latest music from just 5 cents a track? Click here to find out how!
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