Fun Apps To Reduce Your Boredom

God knows we've all been sat in a lecture hall wanting a distraction from the mind-numbing, monotone dullard at the front. So, as part of our never-ending quest to reduce the boredom of students everywhere, we are going to bring you some of the best apps for iPhone and Android that you may not have seen. Great for discreet, under-the-desk procrastination!


Shadowmatic screenshot 1 Shadowmatic screenshot 2 Shadowmatic screenshot 3 Shadowmatic screenshot 4 Shadowmatic screenshot 5

Shadowmatic is an extremely well made app that utilizes many different gestures to bring you its unique gameplay. The idea of the game is to rotate seemingly randomly-shaped objects that are suspended in mid-air in such a way as to cast a shadow of an item on the background.

It may sound tricky - well, OK, it is fairly complex - but the stunning visuals and atmospheric music, coupled with the addictive nature of the puzzle means it is sure to keep you playing for a long time. Luckily, there are plenty of levels - over 80 in fact, split between 10 different environments - and also benefits from a hints system, meaning you shouldn't ever get too stuck.

Unfortunately, Shadowmatic is only currently available on iOS devices, but is built for each device on that platform individually, ensuring you get the best experience whether you're on an iPhone 4 or the newest iPad.

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